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Enhance independent innovation capabilities GAC Aian chooses to go public next year | GAC Group | GAC | New Energy Vehicles_Sina Technology

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Original title: Enhance the ability of independent innovation, GAC Aeon will be listed on the market next year

● Our reporter Wan Yu

More and more entrants make the competition of new energy vehicles increasingly fierce. As a leading auto company, GAC has accelerated the listing of its new energy vehicle brand E’an, and put forward the “26 Energy Action” at this year’s Guangzhou Auto Show to solve the problem of convenience in charging electric vehicles.

Feng Xingya, general manager of GAC Group, said in an interview with a reporter from the China Securities Journal a few days ago that my country’s auto industry has many advantages on the new energy track, and the market share of independent brands is increasing. GAC Group will increase independent innovation and comprehensively improve the five aspects of electrification, intelligent connection, digitalization, sharing and internationalization, seize industry opportunities, and achieve the group’s “14th Five-Year Plan” goals.

GAC E’an will complete the mixed reform next year

The mixed reform and listing of GAC Aian, a new energy vehicle brand under the GAC Group, has attracted market attention. At the Guangzhou Auto Show last year, GAC Group announced the independent operation of the Aian brand. In August of this year, GAC Group announced that it intends to advance GAC E’an’s mixed ownership reform through the reorganization and integration of new energy vehicle R&D capabilities, business and assets, increase capital and shares, and introduce strategic investors. On November 29th, GAC Group announced that GAC Aian will undertake R&D personnel in the field of pure electric new energy from GAC Research Institute, and implement internal measures through cash capital increase, asset injection, cash purchase and capital reserve transfer to increase registered capital. Asset restructuring. After this reorganization, GAC Aian’s registered capital will be increased to 6 billion yuan, and its R&D capabilities, business and asset structure will be more complete, efficient and scientific, which will help to form market-oriented independent operating capabilities, with both profitability and comprehensive competitiveness. Will be enhanced.

Talking about the reasons for GAC E’an mixed reform, Feng Xingya said that the new energy vehicle market has four major characteristics: policy guidance, capital stimulus, innovation drive, technology and talent support. Through mixed reform, the interests of employees, especially key employees, and the development of the enterprise are combined, and the results of enterprise development and the results of employees’ work are linked with the power of capital, which can not only produce products at low cost, but also mobilize them. The enthusiasm of employees.

“The mixed reform is just the beginning.” Feng Xingya introduced that after the mixed reform, GAC Aian will have a new mechanism and a new assessment plan. The mixed reform will not only help GAC Aian to expand its capital strength, optimize its governance structure, and realize a diversified shareholder structure, but also help the company innovate its system and mechanism, inject a stronger engine for development and open up a broader space for development. Next year, GAC E’an will fully complete the mixed ownership reform, and choose an opportunity to go public.

The battery swap model will be put on the market in 2023

The development of new energy vehicles is in full swing, with production and sales increasing rapidly. Taking GAC Ian as an example, Ian’s cumulative production and sales from January to October this year exceeded 90,000 vehicles, a year-on-year increase of 98.9%. The compound growth rate from 2017 to this year reached 128.9%.

In the face of the popularity of new energy vehicles, how does GAC Group resolve consumer concerns such as charging anxiety? Feng Xingya said that facing the three major industry pain points of new energy vehicle battery life, safety, and charging, GAC Group has solved the pain points of battery life in the first phase (before 2019). Currently, it is equipped with the latest sponge silicon negative electrode battery technology to achieve the highest battery life. The mileage has reached 1,000 kilometers; in the second phase (2019-2021), the unique magazine battery system safety technology has solved the pain points of battery safety. On this basis, GAC Group has further increased the layout and investment in energy ecology, and has entered the third stage of establishing an energy ecology and solving charging convenience in terms of electrification.

At the just-concluded Guangzhou Auto Show, Guangzhou Automobile Group released a plan-“26 Energy Action” to solve the problem of the convenience of electric vehicle charging in the future.

“In the age of electrification, the current viewpoint cannot be used to solve the problem of convenience of charging.” Feng Xingya introduced that the third stage of GAC Group will be supported by ultra-fast charging technology and battery exchange technology to promote this energy initiative and strive to make batteries available for purchase. Rent, charge and change, slow charge or fast charge, the capacity can be large or small, the mileage can be long or short, can buy electricity, can sell electricity, can be recycled and used in cascades, while effectively solving the charging problem, it is for consumption Provide more added value beyond expectations.

He also revealed that in terms of specific product arrangements, the battery swap version of all models developed by GAC Group based on the new GEP3.0 platform will be put on the market one after another starting from 2023.

Four major strategies support development

At present, there are more and more new energy vehicles entering the game, and the competition is becoming increasingly fierce. Feng Xingya believes that my country’s automobile industry has an advantage on the new energy track.

One is the first mover advantage. “We went early and started early. The first-mover advantage is one of the important advantages of our own brand. In addition, from the construction of government infrastructure, the launch of corporate products, including consumer use environment and consumption policies, it will be supported. We have many advantages at one point.”

The second is the advantage of intelligence. The development of new energy vehicles and intelligence are linked together. If an enterprise wants to do a good job in intelligence, the first thing is regional adaptability. my country’s market is large enough and the scenarios are rich enough, “I think the future multinational groups and global enterprises must be local intelligent and characteristic enterprises.”

Feng Xingya said that in recent years, my country’s automobile industry, especially independent brands, has completed preliminary accumulation, and has made significant progress in technical research and development teams and scientific and technological innovation capabilities. The promotion of science and technology, coupled with the advantages of the market itself, has promoted the development of a new round of independent brands in my country’s auto industry. The market share of self-owned brands has changed from the downward trend in previous years, and is gradually increasing. “By 2025, the market share of self-owned brands will surpass that of joint venture brands. I am very confident.”

In this process, GAC Group will continue to support future sustainable development through the four strategies of talents, system and mechanism, technological innovation and capital operation, and strengthen and implement R&D, complete vehicles, parts, commercial services, financial services and travel services. In the large segment, we will comprehensively improve our independent innovation capabilities, and fully realize the five major aspects of electrification, intelligent connection, digitalization, sharing and internationalization, and strive to achieve production and sales of 3.5 million vehicles by the end of the “14th Five-Year Plan” period, with a compound annual growth rate of over 10 %, the group’s consolidated operating income will exceed 600 billion yuan; by 2035, it will become a world-class enterprise with automobile production and sales exceeding 5 million vehicles and the entire group’s consolidated operating income exceeding 1,000 billion yuan.


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