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Enpal and Meyer Burger: Dispute in the solar industry

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Enpal and Meyer Burger: Dispute in the solar industry

Beyond this module skirmish, the Hamburg start-up 1Komma5° announced on Friday that it would be leaving the Federal Association of the Solar Industry (BSW) because of its demand for a resilience bonus. The company distances itself from calls for “new, aggressive subsidies.” The company does not want to be “part of a backward-looking association that, in our view, pursues patronage politics for a few members at the expense of taxpayers and the industrial location,” said 1Komma5° boss Philipp Schröder according to the press release. The company currently has a board of directors in the association. Schröder argues that subsidies for manufacturers in Europe would make it more difficult for new manufacturers to enter the market if they rely on components from outside Europe. This would lead to “market distortion”. 1Komma5° also produces solar modules.

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Meyer Burger boss Erfurt has accused those companies lobbying against the resilience bonus of only wanting to protect their previously high margins on very cheap modules from China.

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