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Enrico Letta was left without a job: not even Paris wants him anymore

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Enrico Letta was left without a job: not even Paris wants him anymore

Letta without work: even Paris does not want it

Enrico Letta is looking for work. Let’s give this man a job! After the end of his role as secretary of the Democratic Party, he now remains a “simple” deputy for 15,000 euros net per month plus pension, benefits and a Ben-Hur model golden quadriga. Trifles. In fact Enrico “eyes of the tiger” – as he himself defined himself in the failed electoral campaign of 2022 – is looking for some further “help” to increase the annual turnover and so he had seen fit to go back to knock on someone who had once opened a door in a Christian way.

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But Sciences-PO (L’Institut d’Etudes politiques de Paris) kindly spade him about the possibility of reinstatement. The same university had instead welcomed him after Renzi had “serenaded” him from the post of Prime Minister in 2015 but did not forgive him the farewell for the Nazarene in place of Zingaretti just two years ago. “We are not a revolving door,” the French told him. Now how will poor Enrico get by? This is the question that Italy and France ask themselves.

And that’s why the Democratic Party is so in favor of basic income. Perhaps he sees in it a saving tool for leaders who have been trumped or otherwise fallen into disgrace. Of course it is a bit difficult to make it coexist with parliamentary salaries and annuities but we know that Italy is a country of great inventiveness. Enrico actually still has a little hope but the competition is fierce and his position is very weak. It is a place of no account, a kind of fish counter in the market Triumphant of Rome, but he cares and it is right that he keeps his virginal inspiration at work.

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It would be the guide NATO which is in the scheme of extension and soon it is a charge that must be renewed. Enrico has been following him for years. And in truth even his “serenator” Renzi is after him. Both used all their weapons of Christian Democrat diplomacy to grab the place but unfortunately for them, every time the concrete possibility of remedying something approached, they lost an important election badly and so their “American friends” dutifully distanced themselves because the Use invest if they have a return.

And so Renzi did up and down on the Florence – Washington section together with Benigni and his wife but then he screwed up the referendum and lost everything, Obama is gone and goodbye to picnics on the banks of the Potomac. Letta Nipote had also begun to make the Pisa – Washington section but fate also prevented him from grabbing the coveted trophy. In reality, Enrico odt had also actively tried to please the USA, as when he had publicly praised it Meloni because Washington considered it and still considers it fundamental in the chessboard of the Ukrainian war. But in the end a piece of 90 also popped up and that is Ursula von der Leyen expiring EU and to which the Westerners have promised the coveted task in exchange for his super-zealousness towards Ukraine. In short, everything comes back. Except for poor Enrico who has lost everything, except that pittance of 15,000 euros net per month. So the glory of the world.

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