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Equipped with air suspension, the latest information of STERRA ES-Aika Automobile

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Equipped with air suspension, the latest information of STERRA ES-Aika Automobile

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Exeed Motors officially announced the latest information on its mid-to-large pure electric sedan – Star Era STERRA ES. It can be seen that the Star Era STERRA ES has a liftable electric tail, air suspension, CDC damping shock absorber, front virtual kingpin double wishbone rear five-link chassis structure, all-aluminum chassis, 800V high-voltage fast charging system and other configurations.

The body length of Star Era STERRA ES reaches 4.95m, the width is about 1.9m, and the wheelbase reaches 2.9m. In terms of design, STERRA ES adopts a minimalist design. The closed front face adopts wing-type light clusters, and the penetrating LED daytime running lights increase the visual width of the front of the car. The lidar on the roof is impressive, indicating that it will support high-level assisted driving with a high probability.

star era

The body lines of Star Era STERRA ES are very smooth, creating a sporty product attribute. The slip-back roof line optimizes the aerodynamic properties of the body, and the hidden door handle design meets the design requirements of current pure electric vehicles. The through-type taillights also extend the visual width of the vehicle, and the rich details of the light group make the vehicle look very delicate. A large number of straight lines make the rear of the car look very stable.

star era

The interior of Star Era STERRA ES adopts a new style of two-spoke steering wheel, and there are some touch-like function buttons around the dual screen. The center console of the new car is also decorated with crystal panels and equipped with ambient lights. A wireless charging panel and a storage slot are designed under the central control screen, and a HUD head-up display is also equipped in front of the steering wheel.

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Star Era STERRA ES may have single motor version and dual motor version, and it may be equipped with rear wheel steering and air suspension in the future. The zero-to-hundred acceleration of the new car has reached the level of 3 seconds, and the cruising range is 700+km. The fast charging function can achieve a cruising range of 150km in 5 minutes.

star era

Editor’s point of view: The arrival of Star Era STERRA ES may intensify the competition in the mid-to-large pure electric sedan market, which is already close to white-hot. After all, from the configuration point of view, Star Era STERRA ES is by no means a good stubble. There will be good market performance.

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