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隔夜市场回顾: åŽŸæ²¹ä¸Šæ¶¨ï¼Œäº¤æ˜“å’˜è¯„ä¼°ä¾›éœ€å‰ æ™¯ – å Žå°”è¡—æ—¥ 报

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隔夜市场回顾: åŽŸæ²¹ä¸Šæ¶¨ï¼Œäº¤æ˜“å’˜è¯„ä¼°ä¾›éœ€å‰ æ™¯ – å Žå°”è¡—æ—¥ 报

Stocks in US Plummet as Inflation Concerns Rise and Oil Prices Fluctuate

On Monday, the stock market in the United States took a hit as the S&P 500 index fell from a record high. The Nasdaq Composite also saw a decline of about 62 points, dropping by 0.2%. Both of these indices had hit historic highs last week. The tech-heavy Nasdaq index slipped by 0.1%. So far this year, the S&P 500 index has risen by 6.3%.

In the foreign exchange market, the Wall Street Journal reported that the US dollar index fell by 0.06% on the previous trading day, closing at 98.41 points. This marks the seventh consecutive trading day of decline for the US dollar index.

The Treasury market also saw a shift as bond prices pushed the yield on the 10-year US Treasury from last Friday’s 4.258% to 4.298%.

Turning to the commodity market, oil futures saw a mixed trading session. Crude oil prices rose in the Monday session, balancing out the partial declines from the previous week. The evaluation of trading sentiment continues to factor in the supply-demand outlook for oil. The settlement price of West Texas Intermediate crude oil, settled at $77.58 per barrel, rose by 1.4% on Monday. In contrast, Brent crude, an international benchmark traded on the ICE Futures Exchange, rose by 1.1% to $82.53 per barrel for the May delivery contract. Another active month for Brent crude, pricing for April delivery, rose by 1.1% to $81.67 per barrel.

As the market awaits further economic data, investors and traders remain cautious amidst the ongoing uncertainties surrounding inflation and shifting supply-demand dynamics in the oil market.

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