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EU, anti-Italian madness: from synthetic food to fuel, all the rudeness

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EU, anti-Italian madness: from synthetic food to fuel, all the rudeness

From fuels to synthetic food: all the EU’s crusades against Italy

The list of low blows and tricks of the EU is getting longer, some real follies, to the detriment of Italy. First of all, there is the agri-food sector. From the arrival of the first requests for authorization to market synthetic meat, fish and milk to the alarmist labels on wine, from the deceptive Nutriscore traffic light that stops Made in Italy excellence to the halt to the production of meat, cured meats and wine to defense of Croatian Prosek, imitation of Prosecco the best-selling wine in the world, the EU continues head-on in its rash action, a lethal threat to Italian agriculture, the backbone of the economy and of the “tricolor” image, for the health of consumers and the planet’s biodiversity against which almost 500,000 signatures have already been collected in the mobilization of Coldiretti to promote the law that prohibits the production, use and marketing in Italy some food synthetic.

Synthetic food rejected by 84% of Italians and, for now, outlawed within national borders by the Meloni government bill approved by the Council of Ministers “with an emergency procedure” last March 29, with fines of up to 60,000 euros for transgressors. A note from Palazzo Chigi explains: “The stop to synthetic food decided by the Government saves 580 billion euros in value of the national agri-food chain, food has become Italy’s first wealth despite the difficulties associated with the pandemic and the crisis triggered by the war in Ukraine”. Let’s move on to the stop to internal combustion engines, petrol and diesel, confirmed last March 28 in Brussels and made operational by the EU since 2035. A totally minority decision worldwide, a punishment for Italy and Made in Italy which has one of its historical strengths in the automotive sector (cars, trucks, motorcycles, scooters). In 12 years, only vehicles with electric motors will be able to circulate in Europe. There remains the alternative of synthetic fuels, which are scarcely available today and very expensive for the user. Choice made in the name of respect for the environment and the salvation of the planet but out of touch with reality, anti-ecological and anti-economic. There are data that demonstrate what it means, on a human, economic, political and above all environmental level, to extract and make operational the enormous quantities of necessary minerals (copper, nickel, cadmium and many other rare and expensive minerals) for electric batteries. The objectives established by the EU, in addition to being harmful, are realistically impossible to achieve.

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