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Eureka! Think tank for “green” communication is born

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To give visibility and offer assistance in communication matters to Italian companies that are protagonists of the “green economy”, most of which are small or micro enterprises that have difficulty in making their realities known. This is the “mission” of Eureka !, a non-profit association, made up of a group of professionals in the communication sector, which was created with the aim of making Italian companies operating in the various sectors known, involving them on an associative basis. of the circular economy: from the reuse and recycling of waste to natural products, from green building to renewable energy and sustainable mobility.

“Italy is a leading country, in Europe and in the world, in all sectors of the” green economy “but few people know it”, explains the president of Eureka! Fabrizio De Pascale, “just as few people know that the protagonists of the green economy are thousands of companies, mostly small or very small which, for entrepreneurial choice often dictated by ethical reasons, have decided to invest money, time and effort to create products and technologies with low environmental impact. But they are companies that, in the vast majority, do not have the opportunity to tell their stories, explain the qualities of their products, make their voices heard. This is why Eureka was born! ».

In the first newsletter, coming out these days, Eureka! proposes, among other news, an interview with Marco Piazza, producer of lines and drawing material who, in 2019, started the production and marketing of a line of products made of Pla, an innovative bio-plastic derived from corn which is also biodegradable.

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