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Euronext Growth Milan Observatory: 12 companies active in the healthcare sector

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As of August 24, 2022, there are 12 companies listed on the Euronext Groth Milan market active in the Healthcare sector (6.6% of the total of 182 companies listed on EGM) with a total capitalization of € 522.46 M (approximately 4 , 0% of the total EGM capitalization).

Thus IR Top Consulting, financial boutique specialized on Capital Markets and in Listing Advisory, IPO Partner of Borsa Italiana, which presented the results of the analysis on the Healthcare sector carried out by the Euronext Growth Milan Observatory, the analysis and research center financial report managed by the internal Studies Office. The broadcasters in this sector are: Arterra Bioscience; Friulchem; Health Italy; Igeamed; International Care Company; Kolinpharma; Labomar; Erfo Pharmaceutical Laboratory; Medical; Shedir Pharma Group; Svas Biosana; Ulysses Biomed.

The current average capitalization is € 43.54M compared to an average IPO capitalization of € 42.4M. In IPO, these companies raised an average of € 9.6 million with a free float of 23.4%. 8 companies are registered in the register of innovative SMEs (Arterra Bioscience, Friulchem, Health Italia, Igeamed, International Care Company, Kolinpharma, Erfo Pharmaceutical Laboratory, Ulisse Biomed) and 3 are Benefit Companies (Kolinpharma, Labomar and Erfo Pharmaceutical Laboratory).

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