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Europe still in the swing, positive prices pending US unemployment

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Euro / dollar little moved, oil rises

On the foreign exchange market, the euro / dollar barely moved to 1.1296 from 1.1310 yesterday at the close. The single European currency is also worth 128.17 yen (127.94 yesterday), while the dollar / yen ratio is at 113.47 (113.22).

As mentioned, the price of oil is on the rise: the January WTI futures rise by 2.59% to 68.22 dollars a barrel, while the February delivery on Brent gains 2.41% at 71.35 dollars.

Spread steady at 133 basis points

On bonds, stable opening for the BTp / Bund spread. The yield spread between the benchmark 10-year BTp and the German stock of the same duration started the session at 133 basis points, the same level as yesterday’s close. Without prejudice to the ten-year BTp yield, equal to 0.96% per cent.

Tokyo closes well to the tow of the airlines

In Tokyo, meanwhile, the stock market closed higher, extending in the final thanks above all to the shares of the airlines and railway companies. The square had started trading under the sign of uncertainty, despite the rebound on Wall Street, in a climate of anticipation for US employment data. However, fears related to the new Omicron variant remain among investors. The Nikkei index, which opened near equilibrium (+ 0.09%), closed up 1% at 28,029 points.

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