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European elections, PSE nominates Schmit for the Commission. Schlein: “Change is possible”

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European elections, PSE nominates Schmit for the Commission.  Schlein: “Change is possible”

PSE, congress in Rome: “Never with the extreme right”. Schmit candidate for EU Commission presidency

Never with the sovereignists. The message from the PSE congress in Rome to the Nuvola is addressed to the ALDE and above all the EPP which will hold its congress next week in Bucharest. “The dividing line is clear” on the next EU Commission, says the PSE president, former Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven, opening the proceedings at Nuvola. Never with Giorgia Meloni’s Conservatives, never with Identity and Democracy of which Matteo Salvini is a member. “Never with Afd, Pis, Vox, Le Pen”, lists Lofven. The socialist leaders and prime ministers arrive in Rome and give the Democratic Party and Elly Schlein, in Italy governed by Giorgia Meloni’s right, a particular role in the battle against the sovereignists towards the European elections in June.

And so Sardinia’s vote bursts into the assembly of 500 PSE delegates from all over Europe. “After what happened last week in Sardinia, the Democratic Party and Elly Schlein have shown that even the worst right can be defeated”, says the general secretary of the PSE, Giacomo Filibeck, opening the proceedings. And then president Lofven calling the audience’s applause for Schlein: “Congratulations for the victory in Sardinia. Well done!”. Paolo Gentiloni put it this way: “From the island to the cloud was a really nice week.”

In the interventions that follow one another from the stage, the PSE outlines the priorities towards the European elections. The choice of the Labor Commissioner, the Luxembourger Nicolas Schmit, ‘father’ of the minimum wage, is already an indication of the programme. “I am proud that Schmit will lead us in the next European elections. As EU commissioner – says Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa – Schmit worked to build the social pillar of the EU, starting from the minimum wage.” And Gentiloni: “Schmit is the best person to allow us to take further steps forward. Prices today are 10% higher than two years ago but wages have not been able to follow this trend, our recovery plan has created jobs but has not increased wages. Dear Nicolas, Europe needs to have a reduction in inequalities.”

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Schmit, elected unanimously by the congress, speaks of support for Ukraine which must increase (a request that brings together several interventions, starting from Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen) and of an immediate ceasefire in Gaza. But German Chancellor Olaf Scholz confirms the halt to the hypothesis of escalation in Kiev: “We will not become part of this conflict, we will not send our troops to Ukraine and we will ensure that this evolution does not occur.”

Scholz also underlines: “The right is growing in all our countries, what the right has in mind is a nationalist Europe, they try to undermine the fact that our member states will only be strong in a united Europe”. Then Schmit warms up the Nuvola audience by quoting president Sergio Mattarella. “I would like to send a message to the ALDE and the EPP: be faithful and consistent with your history.”

“Look here in Italy: there is a far-right government that opposes a minimum wage that guarantees dignified living conditions, especially for young people. In Pisa the freedom of our young people to demonstrate in safety is repressed: I am with the President Mattarella, truncheons are a failure with kids. United against the extreme right.” Standing ovation for Schmit from the congress audience.

For the Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez “the far right” endangers the “soul” of Europe: “The soul of Europe is in danger, it is up to us social democrats to defeat these enemies and ensure that Europe can progress in the right direction.” Sanchez warns: “All the progress achieved is in danger.” Those achieved in dealing with the pandemic first and foremost: “There was a time when, not long ago, people said that social democracy had no future, that our hopes would be frustrated by neoliberalism. Then there was the pandemic, the war and the economic crisis and once again it was the social democratic ideas that saved us.” The Social Democrats, assures Sanchez, “will continue to build a Europe that is better, that is a beacon of civilization, the challenge is great, but the determination is maximum”. For Portuguese Prime Minister Antonio Costa “Europe is experiencing difficult challenges: from Ukraine to climate change. Our response is not to deny scientific evidence, postponing the necessary changes”, as the right does.

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PSE, congress in Rome: “Never with the extreme right”. Schmit candidate for EU Commission presidency

“The result has yet to be written: we are here to win.” To the tune of Bella ciao by the Modena City Ramblers, PD secretary Elly Schlein closes the work of the PSE Congress in a collective embrace. “There’s a wind of change in Italy, we have shown that an alternative exists. In ten days we will also vote in Abruzzo, come on Luciano we are with you”. Schlein had said, in his speech, calling for applause for the candidate for the Abruzzo region, Luciano D’Amico. That change is possible, he underlined, “we have already demonstrated it and in Europe we will demonstrate it on June 9th thanks to Nicolas Schmit”.

“It will be a crucial electoral campaign for the destiny of our continent,” says the dem secretary. “In this EU we are the voice that is not afraid to highlight the shortcomings, errors and limitations of recent years. It’s time to fight for the Europe we want, a social Europe, for the many and not for the few. We want a Europe for workers.” “We must be clear with people like Orban: you cannot only have the benefits of being in the EU, without sharing the responsibility. I was in Cutro last week: these massacres cannot be accepted. Europe was built not to raise walls, but to give hope. We must fight for women’s rights against patriarchy and to support women’s work without stopping fighting to affirm that rape is a community crime and that sexual life must only take place on the basis of explicit consent”, added the dem secretary . An indirect response also to the protest of the group of feminists who for a few moments had interrupted the work of the PSE congress, claiming “without consent it is rape. No to the European directive.”

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“The Democratic Party calls for a strong European initiative for the ceasefire, the release of the hostages and the sending of aid to the civilian population in Gaza. We must support Josep Borrell for a two-state solution. This cannot be done by denying the Palestinians’ right to have their own state.”

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