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European energy crisis continues to ferment electricity and gas bills soaring in many countries-8world

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The energy crisis in Europe continues to ferment, and the supply of natural gas is tight, leading to soaring electricity and gas bills in many European countries. The EU will explore reforms to energy market regulations and at the same time study how to transition to green energy. Russia denies using natural gas as a bargaining chip and withholding supplies to Europe in order to put pressure on Western countries.

Energy prices in the European Union and the United Kingdom have recently written record highs, and natural gas inventories have also fallen. Seeing that the people and small businesses will face the “coal burning urgent” in the coming winter, the EU calls on member states to provide subsidies.

EU Energy Commissioner Simson said: “The top priority is to reduce the impact on the general public, protect disadvantaged families, and ensure that energy shortages will not aggravate. For businesses, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, the government can provide subsidies or assist them in signing longer-term agreements. Power purchase contract.”

France and Spain put forward proposals to reform the electricity regulatory mechanism, decoupling energy prices from natural gas prices, and at the same time conduct joint purchases to improve bargaining power. The European Commission emphasized the importance of investing in renewable energy.

European Commission President Von der Lein said: “I think we must be aware that the price of natural gas is soaring, while the price of renewable energy has fallen and stabilized over the past few years.”

Accused of deliberately restricting the supply of natural gas to Europe, Russia insists that the largest local natural gas exporter has fulfilled all existing contracts. President Vladimir Putin said that European decision-making mistakes, replacing long-term contracts with the spot market, affected the stability of prices.

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