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EV6: the car that launches Kia into a new era of mobility debuts

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Two charging systems

EV6 can be recharged with systems to 800V and 400V, without the need for additional components or adapters. It is capable of high-speed recharging from 10 to 80% of battery capacity in just 18 minutes as well as recovering enough energy to travel 100 km in less than four and a half minutes.

The EV6 charging system is more flexible than that of the 100% electric models of previous generations thanks to an advanced integrated charging control unit (Iccu). The ICCU enables a new function, the Vehicle-to-Load (V2L), which allows the energy transfer from the car battery to another vehicle or electronic device. V2L function can provide fino a 3,6kW of power and is able, for example, to run a 55-inch TV and an air conditioner at the same time for more than 24 hours. The system is also capable of charging another electric vehicle, should it be needed. The electric car therefore becomes a kind of energy accumulator.

Safety on board with the most advanced systems

EV6 offers class-leading safety and comfort thanks to the use and increase of the most innovative driver assistance systems (ADAS). These play a key role in ensuring relaxed and safe driving, protecting both occupants and other road users.

Among these we remember the Safe Exit Assist (Sea) which acts to prevent side collisions. In particular, when the occupant opens the door to exit, the system warns of the possible approach of a vehicle, reducing the risk of collisions due to distractions. The Lane Following Assist (Lfa) it helps to keep the vehicle on track. While driving, the system can be switched on and off with the push of a button.

The system Highway Driving Assist 2 (Hda 2) monitors the maintenance of a safe distance from the vehicle in front according to the speed and checks that the vehicle does not leave the carriageway, even when traveling not straight. In traffic, it monitors the presence of vehicles in the immediate vicinity in order to reduce the risk of collisions. Furthermore, with the driver’s hands on the steering wheel and above a certain speed, through the control on the turn signal lever, the vehicle can move into the corresponding lane according to the driver’s will.

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