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EventThe (economic) world is upside down – economic freedom

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EventThe (economic) world is upside down – economic freedom

Prof. Dr. Weimann Joachim (environmental economist at the University of Magdeburg) will discuss German climate policy with Frank Bsirske (Member of the Green Party, former Ver.di chairman). Before that, Dr. Jörn Quitzau (Berenberg) with an all-round economic policy blow “The (economic) world is upside down” introduce. The event will be moderated by André Dolle (Braunschweiger Zeitung).

Excerpt from the book article “Guidelines for a new climate policy”:

“The media mainly reports that activists and others are drawing attention to the fact that we need climate policy. The central question has long been no longer whether we should make climate policy, but rather which climate policy. The article shows that a discussion about this is overdue because for far too long we have been systematically pursuing a policy that makes fundamental mistakes and thus hinders rather than promotes climate protection. We need a new start and that is also described in the article.” (Prof. Dr. Joachim Weimann)

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