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Ex Ilva, 150 million to decarbonise but the majority in the Senate is divided

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Ex Ilva, 150 million to decarbonise but the majority in the Senate is divided

150 million of funds initially destined for the reclamation of polluted areas, external and internal to the factory, by Ilva in extraordinary administration go to the decarbonization of the former Ilva di Taranto. The transfer of funds was voted on in the Productive Activities and Finance committees of the Senate as part of the Energy Decree.

The vote, however, split the majority: against the transfer of funds, Pd, M5S and Leu, in favor, however, Lega and Forza Italia. Brothers of Italy and Italia Viva abstained. A new case breaks out like last February. Then, with the Dl Milleproroghe, a similar operation was attempted by providing for the decarbonization of steel 575 million by taking them from the assets intended for reclamation, the latter represented by the billion that the Riva family, already owners and managers of the steel mill, made years ago return to Italy.

The 575 million, however, did not go to decarbonization, because a large majority of the majority sank article 21 of the Milleproroghe. Pd, M5S, Forza Italia and Italia Viva got together. Brothers of Italy also joined the no while the League said yes to the transfer of funds. In March, with the Energy Dl, the question reappeared also because Prime Minister Mario Draghi, who had already not taken the government slip at all well in February, said that Ilva, in the face of the crisis caused by the war in Ukraine, it had to be put in the conditions to produce.

Hence, with the new Dl, two measures: the 150 million to decarbonise and the 90% Sace public guarantee on the credit lines that the company would eventually activate. Against the new transfer of funds, the M5S immediately took sides. And with his own amendment, he tried to bar the way again, talking about the centrality of the reclamation for Taranto and the lack of clarity on the plans of the former Ilva, now Acciaierie d’Italia, but the operation failed. In the Senate there were 14 yeses on the transfer and 14 no. For the Senate regulation, an even vote means that the proposal is not accepted. And so it was. For the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini, «to err is human, to persevere is diabolical. This is the second time they have voted against the measures for the former Ilva. Not now, but I expect Draghi to take a stand on his return from the US because he arrives in the classroom. They were extremely unfair ».

For Mauro Marino, group leader in the Finance Committee for Italia Viva, “the truth about the blitz of the Ilva amendment of the M5S is that the Grillini have tried to send them under the government. On that amendment there was the contrary opinion of the Government, the agreement was not to resubmit it, but the electoral frenzy is too much and aims to make an authoritative government like Draghi’s one thrill in order to get back in the polls “. , Mario Turco, who proposed the amendment to keep the 150 million on land reclamation, argues that “this is yet another slap in the face of the city of Taranto. We repeat: this steel mill – Turco points out – can only have a productive future if polluting sources are closed and made eco-sustainable, and if a preventive environmental and health impact assessment system is introduced, such as integrated impact assessment. environmental and health care “.

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