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Ex Ilva, from the Milleproroghe dl 575 million arrive for decarbonization

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The dl: does not change the use of resources

For the Milleproroghe, “the priority purpose of the funds of the assets in question remains unchanged, which remain intended for the interventions provided for in the environmental plan referred to in the decree of the President of the Council of Ministers of 29 September 2017, as well as the reclamation and restoration purposes already provided for and being completed by the plant manager, proposing a steel plant in Taranto through the financing of decarbonization and electrification projects of the steel production cycle in line with the objectives of the NRR and the Next Generation EU program “.

What happens to the reclamation

Even if the provision contained in the Milleproroghe has yet to be approved by Parliament and also approved by the EU, the first protests and perplexities have already started. Sources close to the dossier highlighted that “in this way the reclamation of the so-called excluded areas, that is, those that in 2018 were not sold to ArcelorMittal, risks being interrupted”. “Of the 100 million that would remain in Ilva in as – it is stated -, over 50 million go away for the disposal, which will be completed by 2022, of 500 thousand tons of industrial sludge, for which Ilva in as is using 50 cassintegrati taken from basin of 1,600 managed by Ilva itself “. “After the intervention of the sludge, and things remain as outlined in the Milleproroghe – the sources close to the dossier still affirm -, there is the risk of no longer being able to use the cassintegrati of Ilva in as in the reclamation even if this was been expressly provided for “.

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“And there is also the risk of interrupting the work, after three years of environmental characterization, for the reclamation of the Gravina di Leucaspide for which there is an estimated cost of 200 million” add sources close to the dossier. Furthermore, a further reclamation intervention, not contemplated however among those of the Dpcm of 2017, risks being stopped: it is that of the ecological hills of the Tamburi district of Taranto near some schools. Years ago, identifying in the ecological hills seized by the Taranto Public Prosecutor for environmental crimes (they were ecological only on paper because they contained industrial waste from the steel mill), the then mayor of Taranto, Rinaldo Melucci, ordered the closure of the lessons for a few months schools by moving pupils elsewhere, amid protests from concerned parents.

In the meantime, the Ilva commissioners have carried out an initial safety intervention on the hills, have carried out the risk analysis and are now awaiting the response of the Taranto Public Prosecutor’s Office to proceed, if necessary, with a second safety intervention, more structural and permanent compared to the first performed. Finally, it should be noted that the displacement of resources by the Milleprororoghe also provoked the first parliamentary protests: of the deputies Giampaolo Cassese of the M5S and of Giovanni Vianello of the Mixed Group, former M5S.

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