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Ex Ilva, production plummeting. Steel Mont is also on the field

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Ex Ilva, production plummeting.  Steel Mont is also on the field

The industrial plan relies on massive use of redundancy payments. It believes it can increase its output to two million tonnes in the second half of this year. Consider a mix between a blast furnace and electric furnaces in a useful perspective. In a transitional phase, in 2025, it thinks it can reach 5 million tonnes with two blast furnaces (Afo 1 and Afo 2) and then rise – between 2026 and 2027 – to six million tonnes: with the shutdown of Afo 1 and Afo 2, blast furnace 4 will produce two million tons, to be combined with the work of two electric furnaces which, together, will produce another four million tons.

In Genoa the tinplate cycle was restored. In Taranto, work is underway to bring blast furnace 4, the only one in operation, back up to speed, albeit at 70% of its potential (4,500 tons of cast iron per day). It will take four to five weeks to ramp up production at this plant. Afterwards we will move on to the reactivation of blast furnace 2, which has been shut down since January, while the intervention on blast furnace 1, which has been shut down since August, of which it is necessary to rebuild the crucible, will be more critical. In the meantime, the extraordinary administration has resumed contact with the historical suppliers of raw materials, essential for the regular operation of the plants.

On Monday 29 April, the Government will review the metalworking unions, while on 7 May the commissioners will meet the trade unions. A new redundancy payment procedure must be opened, given that for Novi Ligure and Cornigliano the payment expired in the middle of last month.

In the company, after the installation of the CEO Giuseppe Cavalli, and the return, in support of the CEO, of former historical managers such as Salvatore De Felice and Ruggero Cola, other operational roles could be touched. Since 8 April the front line has been reorganized with the addition of Claudio Picucci as Human Resources director, Giuseppe Viola as CFO, Daniele Rossi as Purchasing director, Nicola Pozza as head of Raw Material Purchasing, Giulia Costagliola D’Abele as Legal Affairs, Andrea Paolo Colombo at Support Services. Fabio Montin and Domenico Ponzio, from Legal Affairs and Purchasing at the time of Lucia Morselli, left, and Adolfo Buffo, a retired historic manager recalled with a contract by Morselli for fiduciary roles, left.

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On April 19th the “Ambiente Svenduto” trial against the old Riva management resumed in Taranto in the Court of Appeal – and was postponed to May 17th after the parties were joined. Former administrators were also involved, including the former governor of the Puglia Region, Nichi Vendola. 39 individuals are accused, including Nicola and Fabio Riva, and three companies. The aim is to close the second stage within the year. The Assise trial in Taranto ended, after 330 hearings, in May 2021 with 26 sentences against the owners, directors and managers of the factory and politicians for 270 years in prison. In such a complex context, all eyes are also on the Milan Prosecutor’s Office, after the Court declared Acciaierie d’Italia to be insolvent.

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