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experiential, last minute and sustainable

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experiential, last minute and sustainable

Il tourism sector has faced a number of significant challenges in recent years, such as the pandemicbut also demonstrated a extraordinary resilience. In a current context characterized by global geopolitical uncertainty, economic crises and inflation, the scenario appears equally complex. Despite this, travel not only persists but, surprisingly, shows a significant increase year over year. In 2024, 80% of Italians plan to make the same number of tripsif not more, than in 2023. While 78% plan to spend the same amount, if not more, in 2024 than in 2023. Among the main reasons behind the choice of destination, after the price of the flights which matters for 40% of those interviewed, there is the vibe, a concept used to define the particular energy and atmosphere of the place: for 43% of Italian travelers it is what determines the choice of the final destination.

This data demonstrates the market’s surprising resilience, with travelers embracing new ways and approaches to explore the world safely and adventurously. According to the market data from Freedome, an innovative startup and marketplace for outdoor experiences, experiential tourism is reconfirmed as the trend for 2024. There is a growing interest in outdoor activities, the desire to experience emotions and new experiences – even in company. Indeed, more and more people inform themselves even before booking accommodation about the local activities available, which become an essential element in choosing the destination.

It also increases preference for rural areas, away from the crowds, where travelers seek authentic, sustainable experiences in contact with nature. The purchase of assets in countryside areas on the Freedome platform is indeed increased by 12% in 2023 compared to 2022, while the choice of emission-free activities grew by 9%. Sustainability is now at the center of the concerns of modern travellers, the climate crisis has in fact changed the way we approach holidays, making us more aware of our environmental impact.

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A recent study conducted by Booking also reveals that eco-travel, eco-sustainable structures and low environmental impact activities are growing strongly. For 64% of tourists, the environment and sustainability they are fundamental criteria through which to define the details of one’s trip, a figure that reaches 71% if only those under 35 are taken into consideration. The choice to have a reduced impact on the environment also passes through the willingness to pay a surcharge. 50% of those interviewed would spend 10% more, while 20% would even be willing to increase their budget by 15-20%. All this in order to be able to take advantage of services that are offered in a sustainable and less harmful way for the environment.

Another trend change in bookings is evident, with a notable increase in “impromptu” trips: In 2023, the Freedome marketplace saw significant growth in last minute, with 24% of bookings made within 48 hours of taking place. Booking is also seeing the trend of spontaneous travel in less traditional periods. In September 2023, there was an increase in search interest for “last minute” (+45%) and “in the sun” (+85% compared to the same month of 2022) queries. Not only. According to a recent report from SkyScanner, live music will be a catalyst for travel in 2024, with 46% of respondents willing to take flights to see their favorite artist live. Furthermore, remote working has opened up new perspectives, giving rise to the “bleisure” trend, combining business and pleasure. Finally, wellness holidays, which include spas, yoga and holistic treatments, are gaining traction, highlighting the importance of health and relaxation in modern travel.

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This year, the tourism sector presents a rich panorama of authentic experiences, sustainability and flexibility, where travelers embrace a variety of trends that reflect their desire to explore the world in increasingly meaningful ways. Despite current economic and geopolitical uncertainties, the future of tourism promises unforgettable adventures in harmony with nature and shared with the community. (Teleborsa)

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