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Experts on power shortage in many places: caused by extreme weather, it is expected to ease in the short term – Teller Report Teller Report

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Experts on power shortage in many places: caused by extreme weather, it is expected to ease in the short term – Teller Report Teller Report

Experts on power shortage in many places: caused by extreme weather, it is expected to ease in the short termFly into the homes of ordinary people

Continued extreme high temperature weather has led to a surge in power loads in many places in China. In order to ensure electricity consumption for residents, Sichuan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places have recently launched an orderly electricity consumption model, and the issue of ensuring electricity supply has once again become the focus of social attention.

How long will the “power shortage” last? Why is electricity tight again this year? How to stick to the bottom line of “not pulling the brakes”?

The peak summer security power supply ushered in a critical moment

Since this summer, persistent high temperature weather has occurred on a large scale around the world. Under the invasion of rare heat waves, many places are short of electricity, and the peak summer power supply ushered in a critical moment.

The situation in Sichuan, an industrial province, is particularly severe. Since July, Sichuan’s electricity load has hit record highs one after another, and the situation of power supply guarantee is very severe. To this end, the province has decided to start an orderly electricity consumption model, and industrial enterprises will cut off electricity and stop production, so that electricity can be used by the people.

In addition to Sichuan, Anhui, Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places are also facing a shortage of power supply.

At present, more than 3,300 enterprises in Ningbo, Zhejiang have actively responded to the demand for off-peak electricity from the State Grid and adjusted their production plans.

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Anhui issued the “Proposal to the City’s Electricity Users to Save Electricity”, saying that the city’s electricity supply and demand situation is tight this summer, and it advocates that industrial enterprises should scientifically and rationally arrange production shifts, stagger and avoid peak power, and actively support to alleviate the pressure of power supply during peak hours.

Jiangsu Nanjing issued a power-saving proposal, requiring government agencies and institutions to take the lead in power-saving, industrial enterprises to strictly use electricity scientifically, to strengthen the rational use of electricity in public places, and to promote the conservation of electricity in family life.

Extreme weather “baked” power supply test

In September last year, the power curtailment storm swept across the country. In order to ensure the safety of electricity during the peak summer season, there will no longer be a situation of “power outages”. This year, the government has deployed a number of measures to ensure power supply.

Since the beginning of this year, energy prices have generally been stable. In the first half of the year, China‘s coal production increased by 11%, while electricity production maintained growth. Why is electricity now tight again?

Lin Boqiang, dean of the China Energy Policy Research Institute of Xiamen University, pointed out to China News Agency that from the demand side, the country continued to have high temperatures this summer, the demand for electricity in many places has surged, and the electricity load is relatively large, posing certain challenges to the power supply.

Lin Boqiang analyzed that in addition to the high temperature, the problem of “water shortage” is also particularly serious this year. It is understood that since July, the rainfall in the Yangtze River Basin has been 40% lower than the same period of the previous year, which is the least in the same period since 1961.

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He further said: “The lack of water has led to a huge gap in hydropower. Taking Sichuan as an example, the province mainly relies on hydropower. From the supply side, the precipitation in the region has dropped significantly this year, and the sharp drop in water inflow from major river basins has caused hydropower. The sudden drop in power generation output is the main reason for the power shortage in Sichuan.”

How to stick to the bottom line of “not pulling the brakes”?

The contradiction between power supply and demand in many places across the country is prominent. How to stick to the bottom line of “not opening the gate”? How long will this “power shortage” last?

Lin Boqiang analyzed that as summer comes to an end and the high temperature gradually ends, it is expected that within a week or two, the “power shortage” in most power-deficient areas will be significantly alleviated.

He went on to say that industrial electricity accounts for the largest proportion of the country’s total electricity consumption, at about 70%, while urban and rural residents’ domestic electricity consumption accounts for a smaller proportion. Protecting residents is always the bottom line of the government. Therefore, in the case of power shortage, insisting on orderly use of electricity will help ease the situation of power supply shortage.

It needs to be emphasized that orderly power consumption refers to taking measures such as peak shifting, peak avoidance, rotating holidays, power yielding, and negative control power cuts to avoid unplanned power cuts.

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“In the past years, Sichuan’s electricity supply was relatively abundant, and it would support other provinces’ electricity, but this year it may be reversed, and other provinces need to support Sichuan.” Lin Boqiang said.

At present, Sichuan has launched three-level power supply control measures to ensure people’s livelihood.

This time, the electricity shortage caused by “water shortage” once again sounded the alarm for the work of ensuring power supply. In Lin Boqiang’s view, the power shortage was mainly due to a sudden drop in precipitation, not a problem with the operation of the power system. Therefore, fundamentally speaking, preventing such phenomena from happening again requires global cooperation to jointly solve the problem of extreme climate change.

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