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Exprivia, while waiting for the last tranche of the metalworkers’ contract, the bonus of 1,150 euros arrives

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Exprivia, while waiting for the last tranche of the metalworkers’ contract, the bonus of 1,150 euros arrives

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While waiting for the last tranche of increase in the national collective agreement for metalworkers, on which Federmeccanica and Fiom, Fim and Uilm will have to meet by the June deadline, the 1,850 workers of the Exprivia group, one of the most important Italian-owned companies in digital technologies , have given the green light to the company supplement agreement which will come into force from May. 87.5% of workers voted yes to the agreement signed by the company with Fiom, Fim and Uilm.

The prize

The agreement provides for many improvements to current conditions. First of all, the performance bonus, subject to the achievement of certain company profitability indicators, which will reach a per capita amount of up to 1,150 euros by 2024, a figure that can be increased over the years and convertible on a voluntary basis into welfare services. Domenico Favuzzi, president and CEO of Exprivia, considers the agreement «the consolidation of a path of greater sharing of company objectives with all employees. The key element undoubtedly remains the Performance Bonus, a measure that involves the entire company population in achieving company objectives.”

Meal and travel vouchers

Various institutions are also improving, from the daily meal voucher which rises to 7.50 euros, which becomes 5.50 in smart working, to travel arrangements where food increases to 36.99 euros, of which 15.49 as reimbursement for undocumented expenses. The ceiling for accommodation also increases by 20 euros, which goes from 70 to 90 euros, paid by the company. And the mileage reimbursements increase from 0.30 to 0.33 for the use of one’s own car and from 0.13 euros per kilometer to 0.143 for the use of a company car.

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The solidarity hour bank and flexibility

Furthermore, the solidarity hour bank is introduced, i.e. the possibility that workers can transfer accrued rest and holidays free of charge to other employees to allow the latter to assist their minor children and women who are victims of gender violence but also for situations of needs that depend on oneself, parents, brothers and sisters, spouse or person who is part of a civil union or confirmed cohabitant. Furthermore, the flexibility policies which include smart working and corporate welfare were confirmed. «The agreement – interprets Favuzzi – is consistent with our desire to continue building the conditions for dynamic and synergistic work, in which everyone can feel more stimulated in their human and professional growth. Our sector is undergoing a strong transformation and everyone’s commitment is fundamental to face the challenges we face.” Gianfranco Minervini, industrial relations manager of Exprivia, underlines «the very large majority of votes in favor of the agreement» and the fact that «it is part of a broader context which sees Exprivia engaged on various fronts aimed at improving working, economic and not of its employees.” As evidenced by the various certifications received, such as Family Audit, SA8000 and Gender Equality. «We aim – says Minervini – through these efforts to make our context increasingly inclusive and stimulating».

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