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Extortion and usury alarm for the tertiary sector

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Extortion and usury alarm for the tertiary sector

The sense of security of tertiary entrepreneurs is declining and one in ten feels the deterioration due to the increase in cases of extortion and usury. In fact, usury and the illegal phenomenon are perceived as increasing by entrepreneurs (25.9%) followed by unauthorized use (21.3%), extortion (20.1%) and theft (19.8%). These trends are more marked in the South and in the non-food retail trade where higher percentages are recorded and where, in particular, usury is indicated on the increase by over 30% of companies. In Rome, this phenomenon is reported to be growing by 28.5% of entrepreneurs. The figure is more pronounced in the South (16%), for hotels (18.1%), bars (16%) and in the food retail trade (14.6%). In Palermo the value is equal to 13.4%, in Rome it is 11.9% and in Milan it is 6.3% and overall there is a deterioration in the sense of security.

This is what the investigation by Confcommercio and Format Research reveals on «Usury and illegal phenomena» which takes a worrying picture of the threats to tertiary sector companies. More than one entrepreneur out of five has been informed of episodes of usury or extortion in their area of ​​activity and, in particular, 10.3% have direct knowledge of them. The “hearsay” is decidedly higher in the South (31.1%), in Palermo (31.9%), among transport companies (29%) and non-food retail trade (26.4%), for bars (26%). 16.5% of entrepreneurs strongly fear the risk of exposure to usury and racketeering. A re-employment that is more pronounced in the South (18.1%), in Palermo (19.8%), in the wholesale (18.4%) and non-food retail trade (18.3%). Faced with usury and racketeering, 59.4% of entrepreneurs believe that they should report it, 30.1% declare that they would not know what to do, 5.3% think they can do nothing. These data are significantly more marked in the South. More than six out of ten companies feel penalized by illegal activity and counterfeiting mainly due to unfair competition and the reduction in revenues. The figure is decidedly higher in the South (68.9%) and in the North West (68.3%), in Palermo (69%), in transport (68.5%) and in the food retail trade (67.2 %).

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Billions of expenses and damages

An alarming picture that causes billions of damages to the tertiary world. According to Confcommercio’s calculations, the losses in revenues amount to 23.7 billion, which becomes 33.6 billion by adding the costs for the defense and insurance of company assets. In one year, the losses are equal to 8.9% of turnover and added value with 268,000 jobs at risk. 82% of companies have invested in security measures, especially in video surveillance systems and anti-theft alarms. The percentage is higher in the North East (84.4%), for hotels (93.7%) and tobacco shops (86%). The police forces (37.8%) and trade associations and anti-usury organizations (22.9%) are the subjects closest to the threatened entrepreneurs. In particular, the data on law enforcement agencies is higher among transport companies (39.8%), while that on trade associations and anti-usury organizations is higher in catering (27%).

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