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F1, Bahrain GP, ​​Verstappen super. Leclerc disappointed: “Horrible to drive with…”

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F1, Bahrain GP, ​​Verstappen super.  Leclerc disappointed: “Horrible to drive with…”

Charles Leclerc (photo Lapresse)

F1: Ferrari, Leclerc disappointed with fourth place. ‘Horrible to drive with that brake problem’

“It was horrible to drive with that problem, the impression is that you always drive badly. Every time the brake did something different, I had to use the brakes in the wrong places. I’m very disappointed, I felt optimistic but we didn’t show the pace. This problem slowed us down. I don’t know if this problem was foreseeable.” explains Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc to Sky after fourth place in the Bahrain GP. “I can’t be satisfied with 4th place, I’m very disappointed. When you can get 2nd you have to do it. We maximized the result, but I’m certainly not happy.”

F1: Sainz takes Ferrari to the podium. ‘Comfortable on the track today and we kept pace with the Red Bulls’

“I felt very good on the track today. The start wasn’t ideal but from that moment on I managed the tires well, I managed to impose my pace and overtake three cars to get to the podium and we also managed to keep up with Red Bull and it was pleasantly surprising, it’s still not enough but compared to last year it’s a good start to the season”, explains Ferrari driver Carlos Sainz who came third in the first GP of the season in Bahrain.

F1: Verstappen dominates with Red Bull. ‘It went even better than we expected’

“It’s incredible, it went even better than we expected. The car was very easy to drive with every compound, we stayed out of trouble, it’s a great start, it couldn’t have gone better.” Red Bull driver Max Verstappen after his success in the Bahrain GP which opened the season. “Full haul with pole, fastest lap and a double on the podium? Very fun, I felt good, it’s always special to have these days, it doesn’t always happen that you feel at one with the car, it’s a wonderful feeling. The season is long , now a couple of days of rest and we’ll start again”, concluded the three-time Formula 1 world champion.

F1: Bahrain GP, ​​world championship begins in the name of Verstappen and Red Bull, Sainz’s Ferrari third, Leclerc fourth

The new F1 World Championship begins, as the last one ended, still in the name of Max Verstappen who wins the 55th career victory. As expected, the Dutch driver dominated the first race of the world championship in Bahrain. The Red Bull driver put in an extraordinary performance on the track, conquering pole position and leading the race impeccably, from the start to the checkered flag. Verstappen proved once again that he is one of the best drivers in the world, showcasing his class and innate talent. His victory in Bahrain is just the beginning of what promises to be another successful season for the young Dutch driver.

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Furthermore, the one-two for Red Bull, with second place for Sergio Perez, it proves, if any more were needed, that it is still the car to beat, with impressive race pace and impeccable tire management. There wasn’t too much pressure from Verstappen’s pursuers which, after having started at the start, has gradually lengthened, creating a void. Ferrari’s performance was encouraging and appears to have improved compared to last season. and finishes on the podium with Carlos Sainz after having to overtake teammate Charles Leclerc who, after a good start behind Verstappen, lost ground and pace as he couldn’t find the feeling with his red car.

Leclerc eventually finished in fourth place after overtaking George Russel’s Mercedes with ten laps to go. who makes a mistake when cornering. McLaren did well with Lando Norris which finished in sixth position ahead of the other Silver Arrow of the future Ferrari driver Lewis Hamilton found it difficult from the start but finished seventh ahead of the other McLaren of Oscar Piastri. Closing out the top ten are the two Aston Martins of Fernando Alonso and Lance Stroll.

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