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Fake Prosecco: imitations cost a billion a year for Italian wineries

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Every year the real made in Italy wine loses one billion euros due to imitations and Prosecco is the most copied on the planet. To give the numbers on the loss of earnings of Italian producers, during the second day of the Vinitaly Special Edition, was Coldiretti, which among the pavilions of the Verona Fair set up a real “cellar of horrors”: from the “Bordolino” Argentine in the white and red version, complete with a tricolor flag, to the German “Kressecco”, from the “Barbera bianco” produced in Romania to the Chianti made in California, up to the South American and US Marsala.

But Prosecco is the most targeted product, with German Meer-Secco, Kressecco, Semisecco, Consecco and Perisecco; Austrian Whitesecco, Russian Prosecco and Moldova’s Crisecco have also arrived on the market, while in Brazil in the Rio Grande area various producers claim the right to continue to use the Prosecco appellation as part of the agreement between the European Union and the countries of Mercosur. Italy, among other things, has about a month left to oppose in Brussels against Croatia’s request for recognition of the “traditional mention” – not the DOC – for its sweet Prosek wine. “It is necessary to stop a scandalous decision that affects the best-selling Italian wine in the world – recalled the president of Coldiretti, Ettore Prandini – also in light of the fact that the EU Court of Justice has clearly ruled against the use of crippled terms or graphics to recall typical products protected by EU standards. This is why the commitment of the Minister of Agricultural Policies Stefano Patuanelli, of the Governor Luca Zaia and of the Italian MEPs to intervene to have the application rejected is important ”.

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The Croatian one is a completely different wine from the Italian Prosecco: it is sweet, for dessert, traditionally coming from the southern area of ​​Dalmatia. “The request for Prosek, however, is a dangerous precedent – said Prandini – which also risks weakening the EU itself in international relations and negotiations for trade agreements, where denominations must be protected from forgeries”.

In the world, Prosecco has now become a star of bubbles, with exports exceeding one billion euros, with a record increase of 32% in the first seven months of 2021 which consolidates its leadership worldwide in terms of export volumes. in front of Champagne and Cava. The United States became the first buyer of Prosecco bottles with a jump of 49%, but the largest increase in sales occurred in Russia where purchases have almost doubled (+ 92%) while in Germany it gains 28%, followed by France (+15%).

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