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Fanta really tastes different on holiday – that’s why

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Fanta really tastes different on holiday – that’s why

Does Fanta really taste different on holiday? picture alliance / Wagner | Ulrich Wagner

Does Fanta really taste different on holiday or is it just your imagination?

According to Coca-Cola, there are actually differences in the recipe of the popular soft drink.

The reason for this is, among other things, the taste preferences of different nationalities.

Who does not know it? You are on vacation on the beach, enjoying the sun and the sound of the sea. To cool down there is an ice-cold Fanta. But after the first sip you wonder why your soft drink tastes so strange – completely different than you are used to. Is this all just imagination? No. Then, Coca-Cola Sea, Fanta actually tastes different on holiday. We explain the reasons to you.

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Even though it’s sold under the same name, Fanta Orange actually tastes different in different countries. Because the popular soft drink has a slightly different recipe depending on the location, as the company explains. While the classic Coca-Cola tastes the same everywhere, Fanta has a different proportion of fruit juice or carbon dioxide in other countries.

According to Coca-Cola, the reason for this is that people in different countries have different taste preferences. In southern countries, people like their Fanta to be fruitier and more carbonated than consumers in Germany. The company also says the flavor differences in Fanta are an exciting change of pace while you’re travelling, as you might discover new Fanta species in Spain, Italy, Portugal or Thailand.

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