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Farmacosmo: agreement for the acquisition of a majority stake in ProfumeriaWeb

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Farmacosmo, a company active in the health, pharma & beauty sector, has announced that it has signed a binding agreement for the acquisition of a majority stake equal to 69.88% of the share capital of Vin.Ci. owned by Vincenzo Cioffi. The Target company, the note specifies, is the owner of the ProfumeriaWeb portal, an e-commerce leader in Italy in the perfumery, cosmetics and make-up sectors also in the luxury segment, with over 200 brands in its catalog. In accordance with the bylaws of Target, in relation to the co-sale right, the Agreement is also intended to be addressed to all the other shareholders so that they can join it.

Under the terms of the transaction, the agreement comes with the selling shareholder for the entire share capital of Target, equal to 69.88%. The total consideration for 100% of Target’s capital is equal to 4,100,000 euros, subject to the application of a price adjustment mechanism in favor of the purchaser based on certain quantities including NFP and the amount of Vin’s inventory. There. on the date of execution (closing) assumed to be 30 September 2022.

The acquisition, according to the press release, will allow the launch of this new business line with a user base of over 82,000 users (reference year 2021), and over 139,0001 total orders (same). The operation broadens the company’s value proposition, which consolidates its status as a reference point in the e-commerce sector for personal care and well-being. Summing up the cumulative user base of the Pharmacosm and ProfumeriaWeb portals, in 2021 an increase of over 33% could have been appreciated compared to what is expressed by Pharmacosm alone.

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