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Farmers, FdI “rips” the League and takes over the aid. That’s how. Exclusive

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Farmers, FdI “rips” the League and takes over the aid.  That’s how.  Exclusive

Francesco Lollobrigida, Giorgia Meloni and Riccardo Molinari

Farmers, the Northern League amendment is 200 million euros, the government’s is smaller. But FdI wants to make the aid available to the sector and not leave the credit to the League

Four million votes – this is the estimate that pollsters make considering the number of medium-small farms in Italy and their families – are tempting in view of the European elections. And Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni and the “brother-in-law of Italy” Francesco Lollobrigida, Minister of Agricultural Policies, consider the sector almost their branch, with a very strong bond in particular with Coldiretti. And this is how – according to what appears to Affaritaliani.it – the amendment tabled by Riccardo Molinarileader of the League in the Chamber, which reintroduces the exemption from agricultural Irpef (total cost around 200 million euros) will not be approved or in any case will be superseded and/or replaced by an amendment that will come directly from the government and, in particular, from Palazzo Chigi and the Ministry of Agriculture.

A branded amendment Meloni-Lollobrigida and not Molinari-Lega in such a way that in the media and officially the credit for the support for the tractor sector and the people who are protesting from North to South will go to the Brothers of Italy and not to the Northern League. It is a pity however that, on the merits, Molinari’s amendment provides for the restoration of the total exemption ofAgricultural income tax while the government’s intervention, namely Meloni and Lollobrigida, aims to introduce an Irpef income exemption in order to have the exemption. And therefore the cost for the State will be lower, just over 100 million euros.

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But the point, beyond the details of the provision, is political. Brothers of ItalyMeloni and Lollobrigida absolutely do not intend to give up a sector such as agriculture Legawho however is fighting strongly in the area, especially with the former minister Gianmarco Centinaio and in Parliament with Molinari’s initiative. On the other hand, if there had not been the amendment of the Northern League group leader in Montecitorio the issue would not even have been raised in the majority. Molinari actually forced Palazzo Chigi to chase the Northern League and now with the Meloni-Lollobrigida amendment Fratelli d’Italia aims to pass off the aid to the agricultural sector as a merit of Fratelli d’Italia. Precisely because those four million votes are useful.

In a note the League made it known that “it has always been at the side of farmers, breeders and fishermen – everyone without distinction – without ifs or buts. Well before the protest of recent weeks we have in fact presented concrete actions to support one of the sectors more strategic and vital for the country”. “On the table for some time, in addition to the amendments on the Irpef exemption, also our proposal for the fixing of prices in contracts for the sale of agri-food products, and that for the adaptation of the rules for hunting to limit the disasters caused from wildlife”. “At a European level, the about-faces imposed on the Commission on pesticides and land to be left uncultivated remain on the table, the issue of duties to block unfair competition from non-EU products and the absurd penalties for other sectors (from poultry to pigs) remain on the table, including the fishing sector put to the test by the limitations imposed by Brussels. Let’s all work together to defend the right to work and health, which the crazy and sinister European choices put at risk”.

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