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Fashion: at Gea Soft in Lucca the quality control reaches 100% of the production

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The fashion industry is wondering how to better control the invoice of bags and shoes along the entire production chain, so as to immediately find defects and imperfections avoiding wasting time and money. The IT world tries to respond to this growing need for quality. The innovation comes from Gea Soft of Lucca, a software house founded by Giuliano Carnesecchi and partners with about thirty employees, 300 customer-companies and 2.5 million euros in 2020 turnover destined to approach three million this year.

A strong boost to revenues will be given by the GeaQuality system, conceived four years ago and then perfected over time, already adopted by about forty leather goods and footwear companies located in Tuscany, Emilia-Romagna and Veneto, both owned by major brands and manufacturers for third parties. The starting idea is that the quality inspectors – sent to the factories by the brand-clients to monitor the productions – are usually only able to carry out sample checks on 3-4% of the goods, thus leaving most of the products uncovered. Moreover, the control often takes place only when the bag or shoe is already made, with the result that, in the event of defects, the piece is irrecoverable. “Our quality system – explains Carnesecchi – allows us to pass from a sample check on the finished product to a 100% control of the production that takes place in stages, throughout the production process”.


In practice, the operator in charge of checking a shoe, a bag or a wallet “shoots” the bar code applied to the related work order and obtains on the monitor the list of checks to be carried out, on sight, on that particular pattern: are there any glue stains? Is the skin streaked? Was the buckle or rhinestone sewn at the intended distance? Is the number of stitches as indicated? Has the rib been perfectly dyed? Do the upper and sole match perfectly?

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If the product does not comply with the provisions, simply select the defect found on the monitor and set aside the non-compliant shoe or bag; it is also possible to photograph the problem, so that it is recorded and contributes to forming that statistical probability index that will guide the behavior of the quality manager. “If a problem is repeated several times, exceeding a certain percentage of non-compliance – adds Carnesecchi – the quality manager of the plant will be able to intervene promptly”.

The advantage of this system – which does not eliminate the operator’s control but simplifies it, guides it (it is not necessary to remember the checks to be carried out on that particular model because they are indicated on the monitor) and makes it more effective – consists in being able to intervene until from the first stage of processing, for example the cutting of leather, and even on raw materials such as leather or buckles, studs, chains and other metal accessories.

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