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Fearing the clouds and blinding your eyes-Questioned about the amount of Zhongqingbao’s investment

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Fearing the clouds and blinding one’s eyes-Questioned about the amount of Zhongqingbao’s investment

Zhongqingbao was sent a letter of concern for the second time. With an epoch-making concept as big as Metaverse, an unprecedented model beyond current technological imagination, your investment plan is only a mere 5 million to 15 million? Shit? What is the concept of rubbing? Although Zhongqingbao’s first response to the letter of concern has clearly stated that there is a concept of actual development, but the management department’s meaning is only two words: do not believe, the second letter of concern still has questions about this, depending on its tone and joking. It’s almost time to force a confession-if the law allows it.FromIn terms of expression, Zhongqingbao does have a problem. In fact, it only needs to add the initial investment before 5 million, and the words of the early investment can accurately express the meaning.

Since the meta-universe is an unprecedented conceptual model that changes the state of human life, it will inevitably be costly and will take a long time to develop. But because of this, who can tell the world what is the sign of the ultimate successful development of Metaverse, how much money, how much manpower and how long it takes? It is not like a mature specific project such as a car. How much does it cost to produce a car can be clearly compared with your quotation. If you can’t answer how much money you need, then whoever says that no matter how much money you need to spend, can only be regarded as propaganda first, and only has the effect of invigorating or depressing people. In this situation, the management questioned what benchmark role Zhongqingbao’s investment wants to play? Do you want to say that less money is not worthy of participating in the meta universe? Or is it that the credibility of Metaverse in the future is related to the investment in the release. Whoever announces the more money will be more credible?

China has never lacked liars. There are giant swindlers who are bold and productive, but what China lacks is true down-to-earth doers and sincere pioneers. From this point of view, I admire Zhongqingbao’s frankness. It plans to announce 5-15 million and announces 5-15 million. A listed company with a market capitalization of several billion will not know the mysterious effect of numbers, but never exaggerate. However, Zhongqingbao only said that he plans to invest in the game “Brewmaster”, rather than in the future investment in the concept of the universe, and there is a key sentence behind, “relying on the company’s strong technical support and technical reserves.” This means that the development of the game did not start from scratch. And the game will be gradually developed through the development of different versions. As an unprecedented and imaginative model, it can’t be eaten by a tiger and has nowhere to lay its claws. It should also be started from a specific project when it was young. Export and profitability, that Meta Universe is a trap rather than a vision, which is extremely unwise for the enterprise.

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The meta-universe is a longed-for concept and a gradual model. Since it is gradual, at what point and to what extent can it be defined as a meta-universe? There will be no conclusions now. From this point of view, Zhongqingbao is not exaggerating. Its risk warning clearly stated: “Meta universe is a huge concept and model. The company is still in the exploratory stage, and the concept is relatively shallow. Corresponding products are still under development, new games The launch time and region are also affected by many factors. The project implementation progress, whether the company’s expected results can be achieved, and whether it can meet the future market demand, there are large uncertainties. Even if the above conditions are met, the company still does not rule out the relevant There is a possibility that there is a big gap between the product and Meta Universe”. When it comes to this, what do you ask the company to say? For a fully realistic social business product that is not currently available in the market, “based on the concept of meta universe, breaks through the barriers of virtual and reality, and has a relatively high degree of freedom and sociality”, should the company directly say that my game has nothing to do with meta universe? Only the management department has fulfilled the responsibility of supervision?

With the rise of the concept of Meta Universe, a large number of listed companies have “touched the yuan” or been discovered “involved in the yuan”, including industry giants. Why did Zhongqingbao, a game company with poor performance, become the market leader of the concept? It’s because Metaverse is an unknown social scene experience. People are curious about what this overall experience feels like. As the concept of metaverse scene experience, the two A-share Metaverse and Tianxia show are naturally full of imagination and become the first choice. In this scenario, the model system he eventually formed will surely break through the game field and become an Internet social platform that may replace today’s QQ, WeChat, and other Ding Ding. Especially for Zhongqingbao, the game “Brewmaster” is a fantasy linkage between simulation and reality. People can conduct high-simulation management and operation of the winery in the simulation world. The operating income is both simulated online assets and fully available in reality. The actual product and its own intellectual property rights and trademarks. There is too much room for imagination of this information. People think about it. When the Internet first appeared, money was burned because people did not implement a practical profit model. And “Brewmaster” is not only a game, but actually a meta-universe operation. This kind of attempted operation will be another subversion of the traditional network economy since the network economy has subverted the real economy. The model of investment, production, promotion, and sales will change drastically. In the past, investors could only buy stocks. People only chased the rise and fall of stocks because although they are also shareholders, they have no decision-making power over the business, and the information they receive is only the company lets you know. With Metaverse, your investment can be operated independently through high-simulation virtual reality. You can set up your own brand wineries and food factories while sitting at home. Sales and operations can be done virtual and physically connected, which is equal to direct I found out how to make a profit for Meta Universe! In this regard, “Brewmaster” is the first to eat crabs, I believe how many investment circles are paying close attention to it with relish. Although other Metaverse technology and equipment companies have benefited from the development of Metaverse, it is like making wine. Maotai’s stock price is high. Its indispensable and important raw material sorghum, water and equipment are all “shearing”, but the most valuable It is still the final Moutai product. And for some meta-universe scene platforms that claim to have been initially established and operated, such as Dafu Technology in the field of youth education, why are they not as sought after as Zhongqingbao? One is related to the limitations of the scene, and the other is because if the landing is not new, there is no room for imagination.

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In high-tech, in new fields, people often endow them with great imagination because of the unknown. This is also the reason why the US stock market grows hundreds of times and is often due to companies in the field of high-tech new concepts. What these companies look at is not the price-to-earnings ratio, but the price-to-earnings ratio. As much as there is room for imagination, there is much room for growth. There is a big misunderstanding in my country’s securities supervision, which is that it is afraid of rising but not falling. This is also in line with the people’s character of stability and low-key fear of risk shaped by the stable agricultural society for thousands of years. The higher the growth, the greater the potential for decline. But what hasn’t been considered is that the securities market not only satisfies corporate financing and public investment, it is also the best place for humans to express their dreams, and is the best means to gather all human forces to make technological breakthroughs. More than 20 or 30 years ago, people only saw the Internet burn a huge amount of money, but this kind of money burning is a huge guide to people’s thinking and investment. It invigorated the enthusiasm and atmosphere of the Internet for new things. In the atmosphere, human beings have entered the Internet age. And the arrival of the meta universe has made people stand on a new front, and a huge opportunity is placed in front of everyone.

When it comes to specific companies, what will happen to today’s leading Zhongqingbao in the future development of Metaverse? It’s not clear, there may be huge gains, but it is also possible to just make a stepping stone or be beaten to death on the beach by a back wave. The epoch-making high-tech model has never been that whoever invests more money will always succeed, and whoever enters earlier will have a better chance of success. Where are Motorola and Ericsson in the communications market 30 years ago? Where were today’s Apple, Xiaomi, and vivo 30 years ago? When Yinghaiwei, the number one Internet company in China, was in full swing, Jack Ma was still knocking on the door to sell his yellow pages. Now Yinghaiwei has long since disappeared, but Ali has become a world-class Internet company.

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Nowadays, Meta Universe is not only a concept of securities hype, it is gradually fermenting to the social and government level, and more and more people are beginning to know that it pays attention to it. After the baptism of the Internet, people have been able to tolerate and treat it rationally with a long-term and broad perspective. The fire of the meta universe has just begun. How about the stock price of Zhongqingbao at the opening tomorrow? I don’t know, it’s possible to go up or down. But I know that there is no one who can become a star stock or a monster stock without breaking through the previous highs, not to mention the big concept blessing of the meta universe. To talk about risks and break through the previous highs, the launch of the primary product of “Master Brewer” in March next year may be okay. Tomorrow is a mountain collapse or a frenzy beast, let him go.

The real economy, the Internet economy, and the meta-universe economy. The hurricane started at the end of Pingmo. Perhaps the small investment of “Master Brewer” with a small investment of only ten million will become the beginning of the meta-universe economy? let us wait and see.


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