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Feature Article | _Enterprise_Diagnostics_Industrial

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When it comes to the high-frequency buzzwords in the manufacturing industry this year, there must be“Intelligent Transformation”a place. Promoting “intelligence and digital transformation” is a major national and provincial strategic decision, and it is also an important engine for the transformation and upgrading of Changzhou’s manufacturing industry and the realization of high-quality development of the industrial economy.

At the “First Meeting” of the New Year held this year, the city’s industrial development conference, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Chen Jinhu pointed out:“Change the number of Zhunzhi to the main direction, so that more enterprises can see the results, find the path, and truly ‘dare to switch’, ‘willing to switch’ and ‘will switch’.

Enterprise is the main body of “Intelligent Transformation”

to guide the business

Strive for excellence in this “required course”

Changzhou takes multiple measures

out of its own unique path –


Be the benchmark

free enterprise “Wish to turn”kinetic energy

AI sorting, automatic sewing, automatic filling, automatic sealing, computerized quilting, automatic packaging… Changzhou Hualida Garment Group Co., Ltd., at the terminal of the intelligent production system, offline one down jacket every minute.

Facing the general trend of intelligent and digital development, Hualida has moved according to the situation, and has invested 250 million yuan for intelligent transformation. The main production processes have basically been automated and semi-automated. Real-time control and digital acquisition are realized.

On this basis, Hualida has created an industrial Internet application platform through the textile and garment industry Internet identification of secondary nodes. At present, more than 700 enterprises have connected to promote the efficient coordination of the supply chain.

Under the empowerment of “Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation”, Hualida continues to expand its production scaleAt the same time, sales have maintained 10 in recent years% growth.

Zhang Wenchang, chairman of Changzhou Hualida Garment Group Co., Ltd.:As long as they can continue to innovate, traditional industries can still make unconventional performances.It will also make extraordinary achievements.

In April this year, 11 Changzhou enterprises, including Hualida, were selected as the provincial intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories in 2022, ranking first in the province.

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At present, the city has cultivated 15 provincial-level smart factories and 165 provincial-level smart manufacturing demonstration workshops, ranking third in the province; 13 provincial-level industrial Internet benchmark factories have been built; 11 municipal-level smart factories have been established, and municipal-level smart factories have been established. There are 83 manufacturing demonstration workshops and 346 municipal intelligent workshops.

Changzhou is accelerating construction

“Intelligent Transformation” Benchmarking Demonstration System

Build model factories and workshops

Let’s wait and see business

See the benefits, see the actual effect

On May 27, Wujin District set the venue for a technical forum on “Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation” in the field of manufacturing logistics in the “Model Workshop”. In the material frame workshop of Changzhou Kranos Special Bearing Manufacturing Co., Ltd., the “air sorting robot” flexibly expands and contracts its “arms” to accurately store material frames one by one. After the operation of the intelligent storage system in the workshop, the operation efficiency has increased by 3 times, and the number of storable material frames has increased by 3,000, saving nearly 3,000 square meters of usable area for the factory.

In the application scenario, I have witnessed the speed-up and efficiency-enhancing brought about by intelligence. Representatives of manufacturing enterprises participating in the event said that the warehouse area of ​​the company’s yard is large, and manual scheduling is costly in all aspects. Turning around has benefited a lot.


Free diagnosis

Open a business “will turn”aisle

More and more companies in Changzhou have realized that “intelligent transformation” is a “must answer”. However, this “question” is indeed difficult, limited by technology and talents, the transformation path is unclear, and the enterprise “will not turn”, which is a stuck problem. In order to help enterprises clear the technical obstacles of “intelligent transformation and digital transformation”, this year, Changzhou took the lead in issuing the “Enterprise “Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation” Diagnosis Service Implementation Plan (Trial)”, allowing enterprises to raise demand, invite experts to deliver services, Paid by the government.

At present, Changzhou has hired high-quality service providers to “check the pulse” of the first batch of 330 key industrial enterprises in the city to help enterprises sort out the shortcomings and problems in intelligent transformation and digital transformation, and form a “one enterprise, one policy” personality. The system solution and top-level planning plan will clarify the path and direction for the enterprise to “intelligently change digital transformation”.

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In the past few days, experts from the Fifth Electronics Research Institute of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology have visited Changzhou Pacific Power Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd. many times to carry out the “Intelligent Transformation” diagnosis service.

Pacific Power is planning to increase the intelligent transformation of production lines, make full use of big data resources, and promote the realization of the visualization of the whole production process, the integration of product operation and maintenance data, and the remote and intelligent after-sales service. In multiple rounds of matchmaking meetings between enterprises and experts, the two parties discussed in terms of cost, efficiency, quality, etc., and initially formulated a diagnosis plan.

Sun Zhimin, Deputy General Manager of Changzhou Pacific Power Equipment (Group) Co., Ltd.:The diagnosis carried out by professional institutions has played a good guiding role in the next planning of our enterprise.

According to the plan, this year our city will complete free diagnostic services for 3,000 industrial enterprises, and achieve full coverage of “intelligent transformation and digital transformation” diagnostics for industrial enterprises above the designated size within two years.

The municipal department of industry and information technology will strengthen the supervision and management of diagnostic services, give full play to the supervision role of the “Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation” diagnostic service platform, and adopt the method of regularly listening to the situation report of the diagnostic institution and going to the diagnostic site to check the situation from time to time to ensure the standardization of the diagnostic work. Efficient.


financial support

Enhance the enterprise “Dare to Turn”courage

Traditional manufacturing enterprises, especially small and medium-sized enterprises, have lower profit margins, pay more attention to the return on investment, and are more cautious in the investment of “intelligent transformation and digital transformation”. Changzhou optimizes fiscal, financial and other policies, and uses “real money” to enhance the courage of enterprises to “dare to turn”.

To be done, there are discounts——

For manufacturing enterprises that are included in the city’s “Intelligent Transformation and Digital Transformation” project library and have obtained loans for intelligent transformation and upgrading projects, a discount of up to 2 million yuan will be given at 50% of the LPR standard for the same period.

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I’m doing it, there’s a subsidy —

For enterprises that use their own funds to transform and invest more than 10 million yuan, a subsidy of up to 2 million yuan will be given based on the investment in intelligent equipment and industrial software not exceeding 5%.

Well done, there are rewards—

Rewards of up to 2 million yuan and 500,000 yuan will be given to newly recognized national intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories and provincial demonstration intelligent workshops respectively

Build a provincial-level “5G+Industrial Internet” fully connected factory, with a maximum reward of 1 million yuan; for “5G+Industrial Internet” application projects and provincial-level 5G application excellent cases, a maximum of 500,000 yuan and 200,000 yuan will be awarded respectively.

(Swipe to see more powerful policies)

“Intelligent transformation and digital transformation”, Changzhou is accelerating.

Since the beginning of this year, the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology has organized 642 intelligent transformation projects in the manufacturing industry, and invested 35.644 billion yuan in intelligent equipment and industrial control software, including 24,756 new CNC machine tools and 7,431 industrial robots.

In the global trend of manufacturing intelligence

In the context of the accelerated integration of the Yangtze River Delta

Changzhou,a built in

A city on the “rock” of manufacturing

The brand of “Digital Intelligence Pioneer City” is being launched

Writing a “new answer sheet” for the digital economy

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