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Fengmi Projection achieved a good start in 618 Laser TV online sales & sales for the sixth consecutive time-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

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Fengmi Projection achieved a good start in 618 Laser TV online sales & sales for the sixth consecutive time-Qianlong.com·China Capital.com

Source title: Fengmi Projection achieves 618 good start laser TV online sales & sales for six consecutive championships

The 618 Shopping Festival officially opened in 2023. Fengmi Projection (hereinafter referred to as “Fengmi”), the leader of laser smart projection, won the first battle and won the double championship of 618 laser TV online sales and sales again, achieving six consecutive championships. Congratulations! 618 is off to a good start! The achievement of this achievement is not only the recognition of the Fengmi brand by consumers, but also a new breakthrough for Fengmi to realize its self-worth.

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At the 618 Shopping Festival, the newly released Fengmi Laser TV C3 became a popular choice among consumers, and was elected as the laser TV new product sales & sales champion. Fengmi C3 adopts the ALPD® laser display technology that has been applied in the high-end laser projection halls of 28,000+ theaters nationwide. Compared with ordinary laser technology, ALPD® laser display technology is more mature and stable, closer to the natural spectrum, without speckles, and Thoroughly avoid the speckle problem of common three-color lasers due to the coherence of lasers, which allows Fengmi C3 to increase the crucial brightness performance to 400nit, which is nearly 20% higher than that of laser TV products at the same price in the market, and cooperates with 4K Resolution, 3000:1 contrast ratio and other picture configurations allow Fengmi C3 to present a sharp and clear picture that is not even visible under the 100-inch large screen, showing bright highlights, dazzling colors and deep dark details, completely changing the family viewing experience. In terms of hardware configuration, Fengmi C3 is also full of sincerity. Fengmi C3 is equipped with the same MT9669 chip of the high-end TV. In terms of interface, Fengmi C3 has 3 HDMI2.1 interfaces, which can be easily connected to computers, game consoles, and next-generation TVs. The host, as well as USB 2.0 and other interfaces are suitable for various scenarios such as games, infinitely expanding the new possibilities of large-screen entertainment. With such an excellent configuration, the price of the 618 is only 11,999 yuan, which naturally triggers a wave of purchases by consumers.

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As a representative of “overturning the base price of laser TVs”, Fengmi Laser TV C2 was sold at only 9,999 yuan during the 618 event, and it was also pre-sold at 9,999 yuan with a 100-inch Fresnel flexible anti-light screen set. Inch large-screen experience, which provides high performance while taking into account super cost-effectiveness, and was also recommended by Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room.

There are non-stop activities and surprises, and there are multiple gifts for purchasing Fengmi products. Buying Fengmi Laser TV C3, Fengmi 4K Laser Home Theater MAX, Fengmi Panchromatic Laser TV T1 and Fengmi Laser TV C2 will all get a film and television season card. From June 1st to 3rd, all series of lasers can be purchased in stock The top 20 users of the TV will also get the white version of Xiaoming Q1. In addition to a film and television season card, the gift of purchasing the Fengmi X5 4K laser projector also includes a floor stand as a gift. When purchasing the Fengmi S5 laser projector, you will get a Fengmi floor stand. In addition, there are Fengmi 2.1-channel audio, Fengmi 80-inch flexible screen, film and television monthly card, and multiple interest-free benefits are waiting for you.

Surprise 618, Fengmi Jingdong, Tmall, Youpin, Douyin, multiple platforms, preferential peers, Fengmi welfare delivery non-stop, let consumers feel soft. In the future, Fengmi will continue to bring more products and benefits with superior performance to every consumer in the future, and evolve a new experience of watching movies on a large screen.

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