Home Business Ferrarelle becomes a partner of Materias’ innovative startup Sanidrink

Ferrarelle becomes a partner of Materias’ innovative startup Sanidrink

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Ferrarelle becomes a partner of Materias’ innovative startup Sanidrink

Agreement between Ferrarelle and Sanidrink, Materias startup. LGR Holding SpA, parent company of Ferrarelle Società Benefit, in fact, is the new shareholder of the innovative startup Sanidrink with a 30% stake. This, established in 2021 within the Neapolitan accelerator Materias (which holds the majority of the shares), is the owner of a cutting-edge technology based on antimicrobial peptides. This technology “is capable of increasing food safety – reads a note from Ferrarelle – and can be applied to different packaging materials, making the bottles safer”.

Luigi Nicolais leads the working group

A working group has been set up with the functions of a technical-scientific committee whose leadership is entrusted to Luigi Nicolais, emeritus of the Federico II University of Naples, former president of the CNR and minister for Reforms and Innovations in the PA, who is currently president by Materias. The presidency of Sanidrink goes to Caterina Meglio, co-founder and CEO of Materias. You will lead the Board of Directors consisting of the directors Annunziata Cummaro, Giuseppe Dadà, R & D Manager of Ferrarelle Società Benefit and Francesco Loreto. Carlo Giello, general manager of LGR Holding SpA, will instead be the managing director.

The headquarters in the Parco delle Sorgenti

Sanidrink will have its operational headquarters in Riardo, in the Caserta area, where the Parco delle Sorgenti Ferrarelle is located. “A choice that underlines the Group’s will – says the Benefit company – to continue to develop important industrial know-how in Campania, such as in the PET plastic recycling plant in Presenzano, and scientific as in the ten-year support to the Telethon Institute. of Genetics and Medicine of Pozzuoli ».

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