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Ferrari, dividend at 2.443 euros per share (+35%)

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Ferrari, dividend at 2.443 euros per share (+35%)

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The real reward for the members was the appreciation of the stock on the stock market. The dividend compared to the monstrous value of the shares is small. However, the coupon is also growing strongly. Ferrari NV announces that its board of directors intends to propose to the company’s shareholders a dividend distribution in favor of holders of ordinary shares equal to 2.443 euros per ordinary share, an increase of approximately 35% compared to the previous year, for a distribution total of approximately 440 million euros.

Ferrari: 2023 profits over one billion, sustainability improves

To the vote of the members

The distribution will be subject to its approval by the shareholders’ meeting scheduled for 17 April 2024. If the proposed dividend distribution is approved by the shareholders, the ex-date is scheduled for 22 April 2024 , the date of legitimacy to receive the dividend (record date) is April 23, 2024 for ordinary shares traded both on the EXM in Italy and on the NYSE in the United States and the payment date of the dividend (payment date) is May 3 2024.

The 2023 accounts

Ferrari closed 2023 with record results and profits that exceeded one billion euros for the first time. The fourth quarter results were also good: the Maranello company reported profits up 33% to 294 million euros and revenues up 11% to 1.523 billion. In the year, profits rose by 34% to 1.257 billion and revenues by 17% to 5.97 billion. The company also provided guidance for 2024, higher than the 2023 values ​​with, in particular, revenues exceeding 6.4 billion.

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