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Ferrero buys Wells, the US ice cream giant

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Ferrero buys Wells, the US ice cream giant

The Ferrero group acquires Wells Entrerpresises, the American ice cream company that distributes its products in all US states, with a production of over 200 million gallons a year. Wells owns the Blue Benny, Blue Ribbon Classics, Bomb Pop and Halo Top brands, among others. The acquisition is part of “Ferrero’s growth strategy in the ice cream category and Wells’ vision to foster rapid growth”.

Wells will remain a standalone company with offices in Le Mars, Iowa and manufacturing operations in Le Mars, Henderson, Nevada and Diunkirk, New York.

Expansion in North America

This operation consolidates the expansion program of the Ferrero Group in North America following the successful acquisitions of Fannie May (2017), the former confectionery business of Nestlé in the USA and the activities of Kellogg’s Cookies and Fruit Snacks (2018).

The expansion of the North American footprint was further strengthened through the affiliated companies, with the acquisition of Ferrara Candy Company (2017) – manufacturer and US market leader of candy with its brands Nerds, Trolli, Sweet-tarts and Black Forest .

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