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Few managers in Southern companies: 60% work in Northern companies

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Few managers in Southern companies: 60% work in Northern companies

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Few managers in businesses and public administration in the South. This is what is claimed by a study carried out by Orienta – an advisory company that supports entrepreneurs, managers and public administrations in growth planning – in collaboration with Confindustria Bari and Bat. The ratio between managers and employees is low in Italy: it is in fact equal to 0.9%, one of the lowest in Europe. But there’s more: over 60% of Italian managers are found in 4 Northern regions: Lombardy, Piedmont, Veneto and Emilia Romagna.

The same goes for public administration: the ratio between managers and employees in this area is 5.1%, and also in this case Italy is placed among the last regions in Europe. And 60% of PA executives work in the North.

In the South 6.3% of Italian managers

The study then highlights that, in the South, the number of private managers in absolute terms does not even reach 8,000 units, corresponding to 6.3% of the total managers in Italy. «This means – explains Gianni Sebastiano, founder of Orienta and president of the Innovative Tertiary and Communication Section of Confindustria Bari and BAT – that in fact there is a lack of entrepreneurial management professionals in southern companies. That there is an unevolved work organization. And that this is also the cause of very slow economic growth.” These are all data that highlight how the organization of work, governance, the ability to pursue a vision, which are necessary factors for development, still represent a weak point of both small and medium-sized enterprises, both the public and private sectors .

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The partnerships are more numerous and therefore less structured

In the metropolitan city of Bari, out of 125 thousand active companies (data from the Chamber of Commerce), only 30 thousand are joint-stock companies, the others are owned by individuals, therefore mostly entrusted to family management, with little presence of sector managers, often with few women in top positions.

Changes are taking place in Puglia

But – according to the Orienta study – in Puglia there is a slow reorganization of businesses towards more modern forms: joint-stock companies have increased at a slightly faster pace than in the rest of the country. In fact, Unioncamere notes that in 2023 joint-stock companies increased by +3.93% and in Italy by +3.12%, while partnerships decreased by 1.29% and individual businesses by -0.22 %. But the relationships still remain very small: in the Metropolitan City of Bari alone, in the first half of 2023, the number of partnerships and sole proprietorships exceeds 70% of the total

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