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Fi, Licia Ronzulli towards the Third Pole: the phone call with Renzi is a clue

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Fi, Licia Ronzulli towards the Third Pole: the phone call with Renzi is a clue

Licia Ronzulli and that now inevitable split in Forza Italia

Silvio Berlusconi seems to have done his choice, Come on Italy it will move further to the right, marrying the line pro-government. In this sense it should be seen decision to change the group leader to the Chamber Cattaneoreplaced by Stretchers. A common political perspective, of course. But also by nameeconomic and judicial interests. Here’s what’s behind it – we read in Repubblica – al secret pact between Georgia Melons and Silvio Berlusconiwhich led – under the direction of the Cavaliere family – to his partner Marta fascinates and Anthony Tajani – al internal turnaround to Forza Italia. That is, to the downsizing of the “custodians” of the critical line against the government – ​​the Licia group leaders Rumble and Alexander Cattaneo – and the consequent decision of a stronger hug with Brothers of Italy. The horizon, as stated by Berlusconi and Tajani, are the elections for the renewal of the European Parliament. We will aim for an alliance between the Ppe (party headed by Forza Italia) ei conservatory by Giorgia Meloni, to overturn the current structures of the commission and put the socialists on the sidelines.

Tajani, – continues Repubblica – who is the vice president of the European People’s Party, he works for this. Meanwhile, the new axis is expected to strengthen the government in the relationship con Bruxelles, without dissonant voices on the most relevant dossiers, from migrants to Ukraine. There is also room for some in the agreement by name in the state-owned companies that Berlusconi likes: above all that of Paolo Scaroniformer CEO of Enel and Eni and now president of Milan, destined to have a role in it Enel o in Leonardo. All in a picture of silent malaise, among the parliamentarian of the so-called “Ronzulli current” who – in a low voice – consider the departure from a party that they consider “finished” to be physiological. I am at least fifteen. They look around and don’t speak, also because many of them – Ronzulli and Cattaneo, but also Mulé, Barachini, Mangialavori – have institutional duties or party members who advise prudence. There is no shortage of sirens: among the numerous phone calls to Licia Rumble after the internal revolution, there is that of Matthew Renzione of the leaders of the Third Pole. The former Berlusconi loyalist could decide to leave Forza Italia to land in Italy alive.

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