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Fi, Mulè: “Let’s start from Dl Zan. Rights must be the same for everyone”

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Fi, Mulè: “Let’s start from Dl Zan. Rights must be the same for everyone”

Fi, Mulè: “No more ideological prejudices. Everyone’s conscience is worth it”

George Mule sends a clear message to his followers allies Of government. The vice president of Camera and leading exponent of Come on Italy distances itself from the positions of the Lega e you Brothers of Italy on adoptions for homosexual couples. “Let’s start again dal Ddl Zanintegrating it – Mulè explains to Corriere della Sera – in order to protect children born from previous relationships. And let’s see where we get, each with his own sensitivity and without ideological biases“. Mulè often expresses independent positions, sometimes even critical of the allies. On rights, he proposes to think about the merits. With some very clear pales, However. “Let’s start by saying that i rights they are and must be the same for everyone: homosexual couples and heterosexual couples. Furthermore, when it comes to these topics, there is no party doctrine hold. Worth the consciousness Of each“.

“My position regarding the child registration Of couples of the same sex it’s this one. The children of surrogate mothers – continues Mulè al Corriere – are sons of a crime against women. Children of a act of selfishnesswhich is carried out for a fee, which violates not only the law of the State but also the divine laws. For this reason it is right that it should be foreseen as international crime. That of ramps (Fdi), which said same-sex couples “they peddle and son on his own“, was a lexical accident. But if we are all aware that children they are not found under the cabbage nor does the stork bring them, evidently the one who is presented as the son of a homosexual couple will be the fruit of one surrogacy. We have been and are ready to meet couples other than those provided for in Article 29 of the Constitution, the family founded on marriage between man and woman. That’s why I say let’s sit around a table, have a discussion, let’s start again from the Ddl Zan“.

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