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Fiat joins the BMW Future Alliance

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Fiat joins the BMW Future Alliance

Dhe first BMW to be driven by a computer is expected to be on the market in four years. BMW is developing the electric vehicle called “i-Next” together with the American chip group Intel and the Israeli camera specialist Mobileye. Now the Italian-American automaker Fiat-Chrysler has joined the alliance. The companies announced on Wednesday that a corresponding declaration of intent had been signed.

In the past few months, two more partners, the automotive suppliers Delphi and Continental, have joined the technology platform for autonomous driving that has existed for a year. Fiat-Chrysler is now the first automaker to join. And he should not be the last, as BMW assures. “We are still negotiating with others,” said a company spokesman.

Several alliances compete against each other

In the self-driving car, high-performance processors and sensors play just as important a role as automated image analysis, the self-learning map and artificial intelligence. The alliance partners want to put a vehicle on the road in which the driver can read or write emails while driving and only has to reach for the steering wheel again in special situations.

A large number of such technology alliances have emerged in the industry, including the partnership between Daimler and Bosch, which are pursuing the same goal. “In order to advance the technology for autonomous driving, partnerships between car manufacturers, technology providers and suppliers are indispensable,” said Fiat Chrysler boss Sergio Marchionne in the North American market.

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