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Fiat Pandina, the special series of the best-selling Panda

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Fiat Pandina, the special series of the best-selling Panda

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A “special” series that looks a lot like the normal Panda
Fiat extends the life of the iconic Fiat model produced in Pomigliano with a special series called Pandina, perhaps to differentiate it from the new model which will debut on 11 July, will be built in Serbia and will be based on the Smart Car architecture of the Citroën C3/ ëC3, i.e. the Indian variant of the well-known CMP developed within Psa and merged with Stellantis.
Pandina, as explained by Lingotto, was created as a “homage to the Italians’ love for the Panda”, who have always called it this way. This version introduces technological elements, such as ADAS mandatory from July 2024 and more advanced infotainment and will project the production of the city car until 2027, when the Euro 7 regulations should put it out of action. For Fiat, it should be remembered, Panda represents the Italian best seller: in 2023 it was the best-selling car with over 102 thousand units and therefore replacing it will not be an easy task, also because the future Panda made in Serbia will be an electric crossover (BSUV) or hybrid with a certainly higher price than the current Panda, born in 2012 as the third series, based on the second generation of 2023.
Pandina follows the current Panda Cross version, the engine is still the 1,000 cc mild hybrid 12 Volt BSG type. It can be recognized not by any small touch-ups in particular (the yellow rear-view mirror caps, the Pandina writing on the side moldings and the “Pandina” silk-screen printing on the rear window). Distinguishing it from the city car that has been traveling on Italian and European roads for years is a feat to be done at a glance. The most whimsical touch is the face of a small panda on the hubcap. The “Pandina” logo is present on the side bumpers

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Where there is a difference, while waiting for the Panda 2024, is on the ADAS systems present which are now more in step with the times: therefore space for the automatic emergency braking system, the lane maintenance system and the tiredness detector. And there’s also road sign recognition. The infotainment system also makes its debut with DAB Radio and 7-inch display compatible with Apple Car Play and Android Auto. Another small novelty concerns the colors available: in addition to the already known Bianco Gelato, Nero Cinema, Rosso Passione and Blu Italia, Giallo Positano also arrives and new two-tone combinations (contrasting black roof). What is certainly “special” is the date of presentation, i.e. February 29th in homage to the same day in 1980 when it was shown to the then President of the Italian Republic Sandro Pertini. And, good news, it will be produced as mentioned above until at least 2027 in the Pomigliano D’Arco plant. And given the growing demand for one of the most popular city cars in the Old Continent, Fiat has decided to increase production by 20%. There is no official price yet, but there will certainly be a slight upward adjustment compared to the current Panda.

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