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Filetteria Italiana aims at 10 new restaurants and AI in the kitchen

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Filetteria Italiana aims at 10 new restaurants and AI in the kitchen

Filetteria Italiana doubles and raises a million

It doubled the pre-established funding target, reaching the sum of one million euros. A record result Filetteria Italiana, the chain of restaurants which has 18 tenderloin variants on the menu, in the crowdfunding operation. “A great success that demonstrates the interest of the investing public for an innovative and technologically advanced reality, unique in the panorama of Italian catering”, comments the founder and CEO Edoardo Maggiori.

The Italian Filetteria is the flagship brand of the Sun Tzu group, a group specializing in restaurant formats, and is the first restaurant created by the mind of the founder, Edoardo Maggiori, in 2015. Since 2018, with the multiplication of restaurants, Filetteria Italiana has been established as retail group and today falls under the Sun Tzu holding.

Thanks to the funds raised through crowdfunding, Filetteria Italiana – which currently has seven restaurants in Milan, the last of which opened in February in via Burlamacchi – aims to open a restaurant in Como and two Filetterie in Rome by the summer. Furthermore, a part of the funds raised with crowdfunding will be used to implement a CRM system to optimize the management of purchasing, selection and sales processes and simplify the booking processes, with a view to improving profitability. Finally, the process to increase the presence of robotics and artificial intelligence in restaurants will be launched, with the aim of automating culinary processes.

Artificial intelligence in the kitchen

Currently, the Sun Tzu group has already equipped all La Filetteria Italiana restaurants with cocktail machines, automated consoles equipped with touch screens for creating drinks, in which the bartender intervenes in finalizing the glass with ice and garnish. The kitchen robot artificial intelligence project, on the other hand, involves the insertion inside the kitchens of Filetteria Italiana some machines for portioning and cooking meat; the robots will not affect the presence of staff in the kitchen – human control always remaining essential and fundamental – but will optimize the preparation and correctness of cooking, also in terms of pleasantness of taste and sensory experience. The goal is to equip all restaurants with kitchen robots in an estimated two years.

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The accounts of Filetteria Italiana

The company had exponential growth in terms of turnover from 730 thousand euros in 2019 to 5.545 million euros in 2021 with an EBITDA of over 9%; the closing of the 2022 turnover stands at 7.8 million euros. The Italian Filetteria is considered an easily replicable activity in major Italian cities and major European capitals. The catering sector in Italy in 2021 produced 68 billion in turnover, and grew by 20% compared to the previous year.

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