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Finance releases warmth to protect the “micro” light of mortals_Enterprise_New Loan_Hui Understanding

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Original title: Finance releases warmth to protect the “micro” light of mortals

The economic development of a region not only depends on “aorta”, but also “capillaries”. Small and micro enterprises are the cornerstone of economic operation, “small in size” but “large in number”. Behind every small and micro enterprise, there are entrepreneurs who rely on their hands to create wealth and realize their dreams through hard work. The development of small and micro enterprises is closely related and inseparable from the lives of ordinary people. It is not only a key link in improving the stability and competitiveness of the industrial chain and supply chain, but also a strong support for building a new development pattern.

Since the beginning of this year, in order to help enterprises overcome the impact of the epidemic and achieve stable and healthy development, CCB has continued to make efforts in multiple directions to accelerate the implementation of financial relief policies, strengthen its professional service capabilities for different enterprises, continuously improve the quality and efficiency of financial services for the real economy, and make every effort to safeguard small businesses. The financing needs of market entities such as micro-enterprises, private enterprises, and individual industrial and commercial households. As of the first half of the year, CCB Shanghai Branch’s inclusive financial loans had exceeded 80 billion yuan, benefiting more than 45,000 small and micro market players.

Finance “helps him” to guard the dream of small and micro entrepreneurship

Mao Shunliang, the owner of Shanghai Nanhui No. 2 Decoration Products Factory, has been engaged in the production of packaging products for 27 years. He has been working tirelessly to run this small factory over the years. In April of this year, when the epidemic suddenly hit, Master Mao’s factory also pressed the pause button, which affected the supply and collection of goods. “The mortgage quick loan handled by CCB will expire in May. What should I do?” Master Mao felt at a loss every day. Just when he was in a dilemma, Master Mao received a message from the account manager, “Mr. Mao, your self-employed business owner’s mortgage fast loan of 1.75 million yuan has been renewed for one year without repayment, so you can rest assured.” At that time, Mao Shunliang, who was a community epidemic prevention volunteer, took off the sweat-soaked epidemic prevention gloves and replied excitedly, “Thank you, thank you CCB!”

In order to alleviate the difficulties of small and micro enterprises affected by the epidemic, CCB Shanghai Branch closely followed the relevant work arrangements of the regulatory authorities, launched the “four specializations and six measures” for inclusive finance at the first time, and actively implemented “seamless loan renewal” and “relief financing”. ” and other related job requirements. Not long ago, China Construction Bank launched the special campaign of “Benefiting the City and Enterprises”, and released six exclusive products of “Small and Micro Quick Loans (Personal Business Edition)”, dedicated to providing a new “Five Benefits” experience for individual business customers. .

Similarly, as an entrepreneur, Mr. Zhou also tasted the sweet financial living water. Six years ago, he came to Shanghai and founded a small and micro enterprise focusing on providing mature and complete smart city solutions – Fuhe Smart Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. However, due to the impact of the epidemic, the company’s cash flow has encountered unprecedented pressure. In order to solve the funding problem, Mr. Zhou thought of a bank loan, but because the company had never loaned money before, he felt a little uneasy. After many inquiries, he learned that CCB has a new loan product called “Quick Loan for the First Household”. Small and micro enterprises that engage in credit business with CCB for the first time can obtain a credit line of up to 3 million yuan. Under the guidance of the account manager, after a few simple steps through the CCB “Hui Know You” APP, the application was successful on the spot and a total of 438,000 yuan was spent. Mr. Zhou couldn’t hide his joy, “It’s so easy to get a loan, CCB is so powerful!”

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“Small enterprises” also have “big dreams. CCB has used the arms of finance to guard countless colorful entrepreneurial dreams. In recent years, relying on the inclusive finance strategy, CCB has increased the intensity of inclusive loans to provide entrepreneurs with efficient , convenient and flexible financing services to help enterprises make their dreams bigger and stronger.

Precise support to cultivate professional “little giants”

According to data from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, in 2022, my country plans to cultivate about 3,000 new “little giant” enterprises with “specialty and specialization”. In order to implement the country’s strategic deployment of cultivating and expanding “specialized, refined, and new” enterprises, and to promote high-quality development of “specialized, refined, and new” enterprises, CCB has implemented a “specialized and excellent project” for “specialized, refined, and new” enterprises throughout the bank. , carry out special activities, innovate exclusive products, provide special services, configure special policies, and use the “four specializations” to effectively improve the quality and efficiency of enterprise services, help improve the resilience of the industrial chain and supply chain, and continuously enhance the endogenous driving force for innovation and development.

Not long ago, Shanghai Jucheng Network Technology Co., Ltd., which has just obtained the qualification of “Specialized, Specialized and New” in Shanghai, received a three-year “Shanxin Loan” of 5 million yuan from CCB. “Our company is engaged in Internet information security technology services, and has invested a lot of R&D funds for the development of soft and hard technologies, and it takes a certain amount of time for these R&D to be transformed into productivity and cash flow. China Construction Bank’s ‘Shanxindai’ pure credit , with a long term, which is in line with our capital needs.” Mr. Mei of Jucheng Network said, “Before, we took out a 2 million credit quick loan from CCB, which can be borrowed and repaid through mobile phones, which was very convenient at that time. I didn’t expect that this time the amount is higher, the period is longer, and it is still borrowed and repaid on the mobile phone, which is really great!”

It is reported that “Shanxin Loan” is a loan product tailored by CCB for small and micro enterprises that have won the title of “specialized, refined and new” at the national or provincial level, and is used to meet the working capital needs of enterprises’ production and operation. Loans can be applied for through the CCB “Hui Know You” APP, with a credit limit of up to 5 million. Since its launch in September 2021, the product has provided 770 million yuan in loans to more than 149 “specialized, specialized, and new” small and micro enterprises. At the critical moment of restoring the normalization of the economy, CCB optimized the “Shanxindai”, extending the loan term from one year to three years, and further raising the upper limit of the financing scale of enterprises in various banks.

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Basepoint Biotechnology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. also benefited from the iterative upgrade of “Shanxindai”. The company will obtain the Shanghai “Specialized, Refined and Specialized” enterprise qualification in 2021, focusing on innovative development, technology application and process management in the field of cryogenic biological resource preservation. When the “Shanxindai” was just launched in 2021, due to the upper limit of the financing scale, the enterprise and the loan “missed”. After the product upgrade, the account manager immediately found the person in charge of the company and instructed him to try to re-apply through the “Hui Know You” APP. Sure enough, he obtained a quota of 3.03 million yuan, which met the capital needs of the company to resume work and production.

In the future, CCB will continue to deepen the service plan for small and micro enterprises, continuously improve the accuracy and professionalism of financial services, cultivate fertile ground for the growth of “specialized, specialized and innovative”, promote the specialized operation of enterprises, and help “specialized, specialized and innovative” enterprises. Healthy and stable development.

Keeping the “Shanghai” and adding new momentum to the development of small and micro enterprises

With life slowly getting back on track, Shanghai’s vitality has gradually returned, and promoting economic recovery and revitalization has become a top priority. The Shanghai Branch of China Construction Bank has provided assistance to enterprises in various aspects throughout the period and tried their best to ensure continuous financial support. When the city was “quiet”, CCB tried its best to make financial services “move”.

From submitting the mortgage registration application to the arrival of 2.08 million yuan of loan funds, the whole process took only four days for Shanghai Hanxuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. “Our company has applied for a credit loan of 1 million yuan from CCB before, but during the epidemic, the workers’ wages have been paid, the supplier has also paid in advance, and the downstream customers’ money has not come back, and the funds are tight.” Mr. Jiang of Hanxuan Electronics recalled, “Xiao Chen, the customer manager who was in the CCB loan before, recommended us the ‘mortgage fast loan’. I thought it would take a long time to process the mortgage, and I couldn’t wait, but Xiao Chen said that it can be done online now. The time for mortgage processing has been shortened a lot, so I decided to give it a try.” Unexpectedly, only three working days passed after signing the contract, the mortgage registration procedures were all completed, and the loan was smoothly issued to the company account.

Compared with the need to travel to and from the real estate transaction center and the bank in the past, companies can now complete mortgage registration applications without leaving their homes. CCB is directly connected to the real estate transaction center, and can implement all mortgage registration procedures for small and micro enterprise loans online. The mortgage assessment fee, registration fee and insurance premium are all borne by CCB, which not only greatly improves efficiency, but also saves money for customers. With a single fee, the fee reduction can be implemented neatly, and the efficient and convenient contactless processing is exactly in line with the current financial needs of enterprises.

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Clearing the “capillaries” is a crucial link for the stable and sustainable development of the national economy. In order to help small and micro enterprises restore their “hematopoietic function” as soon as possible, China Construction Bank has supported the whole industrial chain of the city’s medical treatment and other epidemic prevention and control, wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering, logistics and transportation, cultural tourism industries and urban-level government departments affected by the epidemic. Guaranteed supply for small and micro enterprises and business owners has customized an exclusive financial product – “Anti-epidemic Resumption Loans”. This product can provide up to 10 million yuan of credit-type working capital loan, and the lowest annualized interest rate is only 3.4%.

Since its launch in late May, the “Anti-epidemic Resumption Loan” has provided nearly 500 small and micro enterprises with 480 million yuan in loans. “This round of epidemic is fierce and lasts for a long time. Our small and micro enterprises have undergone huge tests in terms of production, logistics, and capital. It is really difficult.” Mr. Liu from Shanghai Kangding Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. sighed, “Just received When I received the news, the company’s 5 million yuan credit loan limit was approved! Thanks to CCB for the timely rain, I will focus on production now!” When learning that the company needs working capital turnover, the CCB account manager collects and declares the loan information as soon as possible. The material preparation work and the green credit approval channel were opened. It only took 3 days for the company to get the much-needed loan funds, and to resume work and production with peace of mind.

Behind the difficulties of small and micro enterprises, it is inseparable from a steady stream of financial activity. With the continuous improvement of the national policy of “helping the small and micro”, CCB has also continued to move forward on the road of exploring financial support, actively leveraged its advantages in financial technology, and formed a strong synergy with various parties to promote the implementation and implementation of various policies that benefit the people. CCB fully supports economic development with the power of new finance, protects the dreams of entrepreneurs, assists the development of innovators, accelerates the response to the capital needs of enterprises, breaks through the “blocking points” of development, enables enterprises to restore the “hematopoietic function” as soon as possible, and helps stabilize the economic fundamentals , actively integrate into the new stage, new concept and new pattern, and contribute financial strength to the high-quality social and economic development.Return to Sohu, see more


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