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Financial maneuver, Minister Franco explains how to cut Irpef and Irap

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MILANO – A busy day for parliamentary work around the Maneuver, with a menu of hearings at the Budget Commission of the House and Senate that starts early in the morning to arrive, in the evening, with the guest-highlight: the Minister of Economy, Daniele Franco.

It will therefore be heard in the midst of the decisive negotiations with the majority parties to arrive at a final definition within the week how to allocate the 8 billion that the maneuver has available to reduce the burden of the tax authorities that weighs on the Italians. At the table on the eve, six simulations are gliding to choose from, based on a rough division that provides six billion to the cut of theIrpef, since cutting theIRAP it costs two. As for the personal income tax, Minister Franco’s technicians have worked on simulations that see the tweaking of two rates, one at 38% and one at 27%. Cutting the first point by one point, thus touching incomes in the 28-55 thousand euro bracket, costs about one billion euro. Instead a point of the second, which includes incomes between 15-28 thousand, costs two billion. Other simulations have been made of changes to the deduction system, for which there are at least two options. There are also at least two interventions on the IRAP cut: to help smaller companies, both the abolition of the tax on partnerships and sole proprietorships would be put on the table, as well as the idea of ​​setting a threshold of production under which the exemption is triggered. A new meeting was held today but the table, which focuses primarily on personal income tax, was updated on Thursday morning. “We are waiting for other simulations, we have discussed again on Irpef and Irap, basically the choice is to go to the rates, with an assessment that is compliant with the document approved by Parliament, however we must see the effects and the evaluation”, explained the deputy minister of Mise Gilberto Pichetto (Fi), at the end of the table. “The whole Irap reasoning is still open, on which we will see how to move with respect to the vertical, horizontal or mixed system, we are also thinking about the mixed system, but it is all still to be evaluated”.

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“A major tax cut for employees and retirees is fine, but the League brings to the table a request for strong intervention also for VAT and self-employed people who most of all have suffered from lockdowns, just think of the closure of 300 thousand businesses in 18 months. For this it is necessary to cancel the IRAP for VAT and self-employed workers “, clarified today the leader of the League, Matteo Salvini.

Maneuver, Confindustria: “It is not carried out for the modernization of the country”. The CGIL: “Already 10 billion to businesses, now money to workers”

Bankitalia: “Attention to Irap cut, it finances health care”

The Bank of Italy focused on the game of the Tax Authority, which brought its considerations on the Maneuver with the head of the Economic Structure Service, Fabrizio Balassone: “Since employee income represents just over half of the total declared income, the goal of reducing the tax wedge that weighs on them would be more effectively achievable with the revision of deductions and supplementary treatment”, that is the former bonus Irpef, “rather than with the sole reduction of the rates which would also favor incomes other than those from employees”, he said, underlining at the same time that for the Irap cut it will be necessary to take into account the financing of the national health system, “identifying alternative solutions”.

Via Nazionale agrees with the government’s approach to social security. The choices about pensions “are rightly prudent; in an adverse demographic context, the burden that falls on cohorts of workers that are dwindling must be kept under control “, stressed Balassone.” The limited margins available immediately can be used to facilitate the exit from work of those who perform tasks particularly hard or is in precarious health conditions (the extension and expansion of the social Ape would go in this direction). When the pressures on public finances have been reduced, the margins of flexibility outgoing can be extended “. Precisely with regard to public finances, the indication that comes from Palazzo Koch is” that any room for maneuver deriving from a trend in better than expected public accounts were used to speed up the reduction process debt“.

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Confirming an expected growth of over 6% for this year, Bankitalia also focused on Basic income, noting that the effectiveness of the interventions contained in the maneuver “must be verified. They presuppose a strong intermediation capacity on the part of the employment centers; in some cases they concern aspects that are difficult to apply, such as the definition of ‘congruity’ of a proposed employment. Simpler incentive mechanisms – such as a progressive curtailment of the allowance, regardless of the refusal of an offer (as is the case for NASpI), and a reduction in the effective marginal rates due to the loss of the benefit in the event of increased income – could be more effective. “

Court of Auditors: “Measures on pensions not entirely positive”

Doubts about pension measures have come from Court of Auditors, for which on this part the maneuver “is not entirely positive”. Even if “full adherence to the contributory principle is confirmed, the strong uncertainty that has arisen in the system following the measures introduced by Legislative Decree 4/2019”, or with Quota 100, is not removed. ‘Ape with an enlargement of the audience and it is considered necessary to address “on a structural basis the issue of how to guarantee greater flexibility while preserving the characteristics of the contribution system”.

Cnel: “Well expansive maneuver, we need more for young people and women”

Remaining at the hearings on the Maneuver, it was the president of the CNEL, Tiziano Treu: “We appreciate the expansive approach of the maneuver. We have, however, found that the topic of young people is the subject of little attention, and also on women there is an urgent need to adopt guidelines, which are necessary for effective application”, he remarked at the hearing. “Sustainable growth cannot be achieved without more stable jobs”, adds Treu. Critical issues also on the tax authorities, both for the “postponement” of the decisions on the merits and because 8 billion divided over Irpef and Irap “do not seem sufficient to carry out a structural reform of the Irpef, which is the real knot, with a view to supporting the purchasing power of working and retired families “; moreover, an intervention on IRAP risks “jeopardizing the regional health resources”.

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