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Finanza.tech arrives in Piazza Affari. Target? Reduce the information asymmetry between SMEs and the capital market with digital

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It was the last 2021 registration of PIazza Affari and on the day of its debut it closed at 1.8 euros compared to the placement price of 1.2 euros


It was the last freshman of 2021 to cross the threshold of Palazzo Mezzanotte. Last December 29th Finanza.tech made its official entrance to Piazza Affari, with the listing on Euronext Growth Milan (formerly Aim Italia). On the day of its debut, the stock of the Campania group active in the fintech sector closed at 1.8 euros, up by about 50% compared to the placement price equal to 1.2 euros. According to data released by Borsa Italiana, Finanza.tech was the 44th admission in 2021 on the Borsa Italiana market dedicated to small and medium-sized enterprises and brings the number of companies listed on Euronext Growth Milan to 174.

Some numbers of the IPO

The the bookbuilding phase for the listing process was closed with an overall demand greater than approximately six times the offer, thanks to the consistent demand from qualified Italian and foreign investors. With the IPO, resources amounting to approximately 3.5 million euros were raised (excluding the exercise of the greenshoe increase in capital for an amount of 417 thousand shares), aimed mainly at primary institutional and professional investors, at the price of 1 , 2 euros per ordinary share, for an amount of approximately 2.9 million newly issued shares at the start date of trading. As a result of the institutional placement, and net of the greenshoe, at the start date of trading, the share capital of Finanza.tech is made up of 12,915,000 ordinary shares. The capitalization of the company after the capital increase, calculated on the basis of the offer price, is approximately € 15.5 million with a free float of 22.57%.

Finanza.tech ready to accelerate on strategic projects

“The listing on Euronext Growth Milan represents a decisive turning point for our growth. In addition to expanding the team and strengthening our investments in communication, we will be able to accelerate some strategic projects in which we strongly believe in order to reduce the information asymmetry between the real economy and the financial system and, consequently, the systemic cost of allocating capital “, he declared. the founder and CEO of the company, Nicola Occhinegro, on the first day of listing. “We will expand our offer with new services for companies and investors by exploiting the PSD2 data and we will enhance our artificial intelligence algorithms to better anticipate the needs of our subscribers – he continued -. Challenging projects with which to create new standards in the financial world and be a fintech reference point for all Italian SMEs “.

Who is Finanza.tech

“Finanza.tech has always been involved in finance. I have over 20 years of experience in business consulting, in particular I dealt with the relationship between the world of the real economy and the financial system. A difficult relationship in some cases characterized by an unbridgeable distance, language and cultural, but above all informative. Finanza.tech was created to reduce this gap, this distance, thanks to technology. It does so by reducing the information asymmetry that is very often the main cause of the distance between these two worlds “, said CEO Nicola Occhinegro during the Live Streaming last December aired on FinanzaOnline (click here to review the entire episode).

Finanza.tech is an Italian benefit company active in the fintech sector, which works in support of small and medium-sized enterprises through the provision of credit brokerage and consultancy services in extraordinary finance transactions and to support ordinary business management, using artificial intelligence and a proprietary technological platform. Going into even more detail, thanks to its digital platform and advanced data management, Finanza.tech allows companies to communicate in the financial field with banks, investors and other entities in a timely, simple and flexible manner. He also deals with business information and management consulting.

The company, which today describes itself as “Financial Enabler”, Was born from the intuition of Nicola Occhinegro, with a specific goal: to reduce the information asymmetry between companies and the capital market using artificial intelligence. Years of experience as a consultant had, in fact, led the founder to the awareness that it was precisely an information gap between companies and the financial market that did not allow for an efficient and fast allocation of capital. The visionary solution was to exploit the potential of digital to reduce the gap and bring the two worlds closer together.

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