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Fineco, net inflows of € 479 million in November and strong growth in assets under management

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In November, Fineco’s net inflows amounted to € 479 million, recording a strong improvement in the asset mix. In fact, the managed component reaches € 558 million (€ 6.5 billion since the beginning of the year, + 84% yoy), exceeding the entire net inflows. At the same time, the direct component recorded a significant contraction to € -430 million, bringing the total from the beginning of the year to € 846 million (-53% yoy). The data was announced by the institute.

The trend highlights an ongoing conversion of liquidity towards the managed component, in a context that sees Fineco as the reference financial platform for an increasingly broad range of customers. This evidence is also confirmed by the higher taxes paid in November (€ 454 million, + 24% y / y) and by the figure for the administered component (€ 351 million) which benefits from the greater use of brokerage for investment purposes.

Brokerage revenues are estimated for the month of November at around € 21 million, in line with a year ago, against a market volatility that despite the recent recovery was lower than in November 2020. The comparison with the average of the revenues between 2017 and 2019, when volatility was comparable to current levels, shows growth of around 83%, thanks to the expansion of the active customer base and the continuous innovation of the offer. Since the beginning of the year, brokerage revenues are estimated at around € 198 million (-8% y / y).

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