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First acquainted with the Fluent Design style of Notepad for Windows 11-Windows 11

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In the past year, Microsoft has been redesigning first-party applications for Windows 11. We have seen that the photo application of Windows 11 has been greatly improved, and the drawing application has become more fashionable.Now, a Microsoft engineer has leaked a picture of the Windows 11 new version of the Notepad application. This should be the longest end of the user’s text processing program in Windows. It looks pretty good.

The application seems to be version 11.2110.13.0, which is a few more versions than 10.2103.7.0, which is currently the Notepad of the Microsoft Store. The differences that we can notice include a settings page that allows you to choose the font, font size and style that will be used. The guest intends to allow users to set the file editing experience from classic to modern.

The app also seems to offer the option of choosing a theme, which may include a dark mode.


In addition, the positions of the “View” and “Help” menu items seem to have been moved.

The new application may be rolled out to the Windows 11 Insider community in the near future, and then made available to everyone else.


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