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Fishing, renewal of the contract for the employees of the maritime sector

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Fishing, renewal of the contract for the employees of the maritime sector

The renewal of the National Collective Labor Agreement was signed for employees embarked on vessels engaged in sea fishing, which expired on 31 December 2021, between Fai-Cisl, Flai-Cgil, Uila-Pesca and the representatives of Federpesca and Coldiretti Impresa Pesca. The unions make it known in a note.

The satisfaction of the trade unions

“This is an important renewal, which demonstrates how even in such a critical moment for the economy of families and for the sector, the only way to go is that of renewing contracts”, declared Patrizio Giorni, national secretary of Fai- Cisl, Antonio Pucillo of Flai-Cgil, and Enrica Mammucari, Uila-Pesca national secretary.

“There are numerous qualifying points of the agreement, signed after a process of discussion with the counterparties, which led to a broad sharing of the requests on the platform, and which took into consideration the difficulties of the sector, especially expensive diesel “.

Salary increase of 6.5%

In the contractual renewal – the trade unions inform – a salary increase of 6.5% is envisaged, which will be paid in two installments: the first of 3% on 1 October 2022, the second of 3.5% on 1 October 2023. Innovative element of the renewal is the provision of a commitment between the parties to meet in December 2023 to evaluate a possible wage recovery based on economic trends in order to protect the purchasing power of workers.

Increase for social security purposes

Also important is the 35 euro increase in the conventional value for social security purposes and the increases relating to the various indemnities present in the National Collective Labor Agreement. “It is a renewal that sees us satisfied – conclude Giorni, Pucillo and Mammucari – and which gives concrete answers to the workers in a sector that has been widely tried in recent years, and which testifies to the common sense of the parties who have managed to find the right ones with great responsibility. balances to enhance work in fishing, an important sector of our made in Italy ».

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