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Flavia Perina attacks Giorgia Meloni. The premier is not Calimero, but Kill Bill

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Flavia Perina attacks Giorgia Meloni.  The premier is not Calimero, but Kill Bill

La Perina titled his article-criticism on The print: “The revenge of the right that Calimero feels”

Flavia Perina yesterday on The print He attacked Giorgia Meloni e the right because – according to him – they would be afflicted by a complex, that of“underdog”a term that the prime minister cited referring to herself in her inaugural speech in Parliament.

La Perina headlined: “The revenge of the right that Calimero feels” and subtitle: “In the rallies and speeches of the right there is always the evocation of an ostracized and minority world. Also yesterday in Rome Giorgia Meloni recalled the long march to get here. The revenge of the excluded”.

Meanwhile, we must remember, for the uninitiated, that Flavia Perina was one director of the Italian Social Movement and that many in his family were. He finished his political career by following Fini in his exit from the PDL in Future and Freedom for Italy after the famous “Che fai, mi cacci?”.

So it comes from one profound right-wing culture. Organizer of Hobbit Camps and founder of the protofeminist monthly Éowynnamed after a princess from Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings. I talked about it in an interview with Isabella Rauti.

La Perina is an intellectual and not just a professional journalist. Once close to the positions of the right-wing ideologue professor Marco Tarchiin its political becoming has increasingly moved away from the right to reach the opposite bank, so much so that in 2014 we even find it again candidate of the Greens for policies.

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The fact that he is now writing for Lto Print directed by Massimo Giannini complete the picture of the transformation. This biographical premise is not affected but it is essential to focus on his article – critique on The printwhich nonetheless had the merit of rocking the boat.

La Perina was right-wing woman in a strong sense, as Giorgia Meloni was and still is. Having been in that area not only with the physical, material and earthly presence but also and above all with the spirit, is a very strong characterization, we would almost say a branding that undoubtedly can give the idea of ​​being part of a company ( Tolkien returns), of a phalanx, of a group, of an elite.

Dealing with a philosopher and painter (Dadaist) like Julius Evola, or reading Céline, D’Annunzio, Cioran, Berto, Eliade, is undoubtedly a characteristic trait. Visiting “accursed” libraries, reading texts against the tide, loving decadent poets, speaking precisely of “spirit” in a materialistic societyhas an agglutinative meaning.

It is no coincidence that the image on Giorgia Meloni’s WhatsApp is that of the blonde heroine holding a sword, taken from the film Kill Bill by Tarantino. It means something undecipherable to the uninitiated. Refers to archetypesto particular inclinations of the rays at sunset, means experiencing particular sensations in the woods and forests or being moved by Massimo Decimo Meridio against the emperor Commodus or cheering on the Spartan Leonidas against Xerxes.

Having said all this, Perina’s treatment of her former friends seems ungenerous, I was about to write comrades, but I don’t know if it’s possible. The of her seems more the am sorry of those who have gone the wrong way than a rigorous and serene analysis of what has happened in all these years on the right.

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The company was on the march towards Mount Doom, let’s put it this way, and someone instead of continuing went away. It happens. Happens. La Perina, at a certain point in her human and political journey, chose something else, rather the opposite. And then you can use all the ambiguity and linguistic knowledge you want in denying political affiliation, let’s even say the vulgar party card, but the gist is that and that is, it was an abandonment perpetrated about ten years ago .

La Perina in his article on The print he is obviously speaking of the right wing not of Berlusconi and Forza Italia, which is the liberal center of the coalition. Indeed, Berlusconi governed, and how. Perina talks aboutMSIlet’s call it by its name that now however you want to call it and whatever alchemical transformation it has undergone, it is always the party of Giorgio Almirante for better or for worse.

So the critique of the journalist de The print it seems more like an autobiographical story of his that cannot have a universal value. That was and is “his” personal interpretation of the facts, his “feeling”.

The litmus test is precisely in that scathing title: “The revenge of the right that Calimero feels”. If he had written “the revenge of the right that Calimero felt” then he would have reached the not only syntactic fullness of his intellectual honesty of him. Because this Giorgia Meloni said on that historic day in the Chamber. “I felt like an underdog” but – everything is played on that imperfect tense “I felt” not “I feel”, as Perina tries to convey orally. The right, Meloni, but also Russia, Storace and all the colonels don’t really seem to hear “Calimeri”, on the contrary. Isn’t it instead Perina who feels like “Calimera” and that she now finds herself stateless both on the right and on the left?

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