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Fliggy and Loong Air Launch Hangzhou Asian Games Themed Activities

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Hangzhou Asian Games Themed Activities Launched by Fliggy and Loong Air

Hangzhou, China – In anticipation of the upcoming Hangzhou Asian Games, Fliggy and Loong Air have announced the launch of various themed activities to engage consumers and offer them a chance to win tickets for the finals of popular events.

The activities include the introduction of the “Loong Air Fun Asian Games Ticket Card” and the “Loong Air Asian Games Flying Challenge.” Participants who adhere to the rules of these events and complete their orders and travels will have the opportunity to secure tickets for the highly anticipated finals of the Hangzhou Asian Games.

For instance, the “Loong Air Fun Asian Games Ticket Card” allows customers to receive Asian Games gifts by making a reservation before September 14th and successfully traveling in and out of Hangzhou. By doing so, they can bag one ticket e-ticket and, starting from 201, acquire an Asian Games doll.

Moreover, enthusiasts who participate in the Loong Air Asian Games flight challenge will also have a shot at receiving an Asian Games ticket or a ticket for the final event, provided they complete either one of the two flight challenges according to the event’s rules.

Fliggy, in collaboration with Loong Airlines, Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, and Yili Zhenxi, has further embarked on a “Cheer for the Asian Games” campaign. Starting from August 20th until September 13th, customers booking air tickets via the Fliggy App or Loong through other channels, departing from Hangzhou Xiaoshan International Airport, can enjoy a complimentary cup of Zhenxi ice cream at the “Fliggy Airport Pop-up Store” in Terminal T3. Over 10,000 cups of ice cream are expected to be distributed during the campaign. Furthermore, consumers will have the opportunity to participate in a gashapon machine lottery on-site, with a chance to win tickets for the Asian Games and other exciting Asian Games peripherals.

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The Hangzhou Asian Games is still one month away, and the travel and tourism market in Hangzhou is already experiencing the “Asian Games fever.” Fliggy data reveals that the number of air ticket bookings in Hangzhou during the Asian Games has more than doubled year-on-year, while hotel reservations have soared more than six times compared to the same period last year. Additionally, the public ticket sales for the Hangzhou Asian Games, which began on July 8th, witnessed five rounds of instant sellouts during the pre-sale stage, as many events’ tickets were snapped up immediately upon release.

Apart from the activities introduced by Loong Air, Fliggy has also initiated other exciting endeavors related to the Hangzhou Asian Games, such as offering tickets for the Asian Games through booking train tickets or renting cars.

The Hangzhou Asian Games are set to commence soon, bringing together athletes and spectators from across the globe. With the diverse array of activities and enticing opportunities presented by Fliggy and Loong Air, visitors to Hangzhou can look forward to an unforgettable experience during the grand sporting event.

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