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Flood in Emilia Romagna: Bonaccini without shame, go home

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Flood in Emilia Romagna: Bonaccini without shame, go home

Flood in Emilia Romagna, the myth of “good administration” is gone

All the rain that fell in this flood will not be enough to cleanse the conscience of the Emilia Romagna administrators. Half the region cannot go under water, with almost all the streams flooded, and hear Bonaccini blame fate.

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The administrators live in a land child of the marshes, they do not complete the expansion tanks to drain excess water around rivers, fail to unblock streams, fail to clean drainage ditches, fail to ensure the safety of endangered buildings, fail to clean up the most dangerous territory and even fool around with their own citizens, like Bonaccini who writes on social media: “The eleventh year since the earthquake in Emilia falls at the moment in which we are grappling with a new earthquake: the flood that has recently hit our area”.

No, the earthquake is an unpredictable event, the flood is not! Much less in one land by definition “alluvial” such as Emilia Romagna. And how, after this expected disaster, is it possible to also give him the task of rebuilding? Because President Bonaccini also aspires to be the special commissioner for reconstruction!

It is time, after 14 dead, 36,000 displaced and thousands who have lost all their possessions, savings and jobs, for Bonaccini and his management team to go home. That would be the minimum wage. Also because when you build a life in Emilia Romagna nobody gives you anything. If you buy a house in Bologna, Faenza, Forlì, Ravenna, Cesena, Castel Bolognese or other areas of Romagna they won’t charge you half the price because sooner or later you will find 2 meters of water in your house or a river bursting in your cellar !

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A large mass of water fell, not comparable to that which poured into Veneto in 2018. Luca Zaia, who has just become president, mindful of the 2010 floods in Padua and Vicenza, has invested 2.1 billion euros to mitigate the floods. In doing so, in 2018 it had no damage to the town and crops despite the 700 millimeters of rain (double the 300 that fell in Romagna today). So some reflections should be done. But no, the mainstream media repeats the refrain that climate change is to blame. The spectacularization of pain on TV will take care of the rest.

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