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Focus Interview: “Numbers” Set the Benchmark to Inspire the Future_Guangming.com

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Focus Interview: “Numbers” Set the Benchmark to Inspire the Future_Guangming.com

  CCTV news(Focus interview): At present, data has become an important factor of production, and the development of the big data industry is of great significance. The 2023 China International Big Data Industry Expo, which was recently concluded in Guiyang, allowed us to see new achievements and new applications in the development of the big data industry. The Data Expo was founded in 2015, and was officially upgraded to a national-level expo in 2017. Now it has become a wind vane and an international and professional platform for the development of big data.

The annual theme of this year’s Expo is “Integration of Digital Reality and Computing to Inspire the Future”, which mainly focuses on the “changes” and “new” of economic development, people’s life and social governance in the digital age. Participants from various countries conducted in-depth exchanges and sharing on related fields.

Ma Ningyu, Executive Deputy Director of the Executive Committee of the 2023 Data Expo and Mayor of Guiyang City: “In this year’s Data Expo, we will highlight internationalization, specialization, and marketization, and focus more on national strategies. Focus on key areas such as intelligence to highlight the combination of theory and practice, focus more on the forefront of the industry, and focus more on digital empowerment.”

This year’s Expo attracted a total of 328 well-known companies from 50 countries and regions. Six themed pavilions, including the International Comprehensive Pavilion, the Innovation Scene Pavilion, the Digital Life Pavilion, and the Industrial Digital Pavilion, concentratedly displayed new technologies, new products, new solutions, and new applications in the field of big data, and many of the innovative achievements made the participants deep impression.

An exhibitor brought spatial big data visualization technology. They used the tornado data of the past 40 years to perform three-dimensional visualization processing, and built a three-dimensional visualization model based on data such as latitude and longitude, time, place name, and intensity level to intuitively mine and present the hidden laws behind each tornado.

Li Yingtong, a staff member of the exhibitor: “In the future, we will change the presentation of data from the way behind the flat screen, through holographic projection technology, so that it can appear around us, and we can have a dialogue with virtual data in real space. .To mine the value of data and let the data be used by us, we can make judgments and make decisions based on the laws of the data.”

The development of digital technology has also made social governance more efficient and intelligent. The mobile platform of Guizhou Digital Government “One Netcom Office” broke the data barriers of various departments in the past and realized data sharing among different departments. Now, on the mobile terminal of “One Netcom Office”, the government service functions of different departments are classified together, and more than 4,000 government services related to people’s production and life can be handled efficiently on this mobile terminal, which greatly facilitates the people.

This year, the mobile terminal of the “One Netcom Office” also created special areas for the elderly and young people to provide precise services for groups with special needs through big data matching.

Yang Fei, person in charge of the digital government affairs of the participating company: “We have opened up data such as human resources, education, and health care, and made portraits of young people between the ages of 14 and 45, such as whether they are in school or graduated, and whether they need to find a job. , we accurately analyze these portraits. At the same time, for the policy part of the government, we will split the policy into tags, and use the tags to correspond to people, so that the policy can find people instead of the original people looking for policies.”

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At this year’s Expo, the Industrial Internet Application Scenario Competition is also a new highlight. This competition takes the pain points encountered in the digital transformation of traditional enterprises in Guizhou as the competition topic, and solicits solutions for the whole country. Finally, 24 teams were selected from 205 participating teams across the country to enter the finals, focusing on the fields of biomedicine and phosphorus chemical industry. Provide digital solutions in terms of quality and management, and the winning team will directly participate in the transformation and upgrading of the enterprise.

Pan Jun, leader of the 2023 Data Expo competition team and director of the Guiyang Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology: “Today we put out 70 million real orders for 6 competition questions, which is equivalent to an enlarged version of the bidding. Through the competition, we can help the development of real enterprises Get up, hoping to achieve the goal of attracting investment through competition, gathering talents through competition, and promoting production through competition.”

Guizhou is an important pioneering area for implementing the big data strategy in my country. From the establishment of a national big data comprehensive test zone to the creation of a digital economy development innovation zone, Guizhou is using big data concepts and technologies to promote the deep integration of digital and real economies, accelerate industrial transformation and upgrading, and promote high-quality economic and social development.

Jing Yaping, director of the Guizhou Provincial Big Data Development Administration: “From 2018 to now, we have provided more than 80,000 digital diagnostic reports, which has driven more than 20,000 enterprises to use the cloud to empower them, and promote the transformation and empowerment of the real economy. The integration index continues to improve, and the growth rate of Guizhou’s digital economy ranks first in the country for seven consecutive years.”

An exhibitor that provides services to the freight industry uses big data to build a digital platform to make the operation of the traditional freight industry more efficient and intelligent. So how does this digital platform work? Master Xu has been running trucks for 20 years. A few days ago, he pulled a carload of department stores from Jiangsu to Guiyang. In the past, Master Xu had to spend a lot of time and energy finding a suitable source of goods for the return trip every time he delivered the goods to the destination.

Due to the delay in finding goods, at that time, Master Xu could only go to work twice a month on average. But after coming to Guiyang this time, he no longer worried that there would be no supply of goods to empty the car back. While unloading the goods, Master Xu opened the digital freight platform on his mobile phone, and the platform would accurately push some suitable sources of goods according to Master Xu’s situation. Master Xu selected a source of goods from Guiyang to Jiangsu, and after communicating with the owner on the phone, he quickly settled down. The digital freight platform used by Master Xu integrates multi-dimensional data such as models, shipments, prices, routes, etc., and uses AI, cloud computing and other technologies to achieve fast order matching and intelligent planning of transportation routes.

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Xu Huanhuan, a truck driver: “With the help of big data, we have basically doubled. We run 4 jobs a month. I have been running the car for 20 years. To be honest, before the sports car was tired, people were tired, and the whole body was tired. Now the sports car You can find a job on the road, decide if it suits you, and forget it if it doesn’t suit you.”

In the past 12 months, a total of more than 3.5 million drivers have received orders and completed transportation through this platform. Last year, the platform completed a total of 120 million freight orders, with a turnover of 261.1 billion yuan. At present, the business of this platform has covered more than 300 cities and more than 100,000 lines across the country. The rapid development of digital technology has greatly improved the efficiency of the industry.

Hu Yang, Director of the Intelligent Transportation Research Center of the participating company: “Now, the monthly mileage of drivers on the platform has increased from 9,000 kilometers in the past to 12,000 kilometers, and the empty driving rate has dropped from 37% to 32%. In recent years, the platform has reduced carbon emissions by more than 10 million yuan. Ton.”

In the relevant exhibition areas of this year’s Expo, we saw that from rural environmental governance to rural e-commerce, from rural characteristic tourism to the development of agricultural industries, the countryside under the empowerment of digitalization is undergoing tremendous changes. In Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province, free-range chickens raised in more than 300,000 mu of Camellia oleifera forest are one of the main local industries. Long Buzhong is a breeder at Tianzhu Pao Pheasant Breeding Base. Early in the morning, he put more than 2,500 new breeds of running pheasants into the Camellia oleifera forest. And what he pays most attention to every day is the number of steps the chicken takes.

Long Buzhong, a breeder at the Pao Pheasant Breeding Base in Tianzhu County, Guizhou Province: “The standard for the chickens we raise is 150 to 180 days, and the “running chickens” have to run up to 1 million steps. If some chickens run less, we will I have to chase it to make it run. How do I know they run less? This is not counted by me, it is told by big data.”

It turned out that these running pheasants wore an anklet on their legs, and a small chip was placed inside, which matched the network receivers and signal sources distributed around the chicken coop. In this way, the movement data of each running pheasant will be captured by the receiver through the ankle ring, and then pushed to the rear digital platform in real time, and the platform will analyze and organize the data.

Long Buzhong: “After more than a month after the chicken hatches, we put anklets on it. We can then log on to the mobile platform to see how much it exercises and how many steps it can walk in a day. In fact, chickens also have their own exercise circle.” “.”

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In addition to the number of steps taken by running pheasants, the forest farm’s IoT system will also synchronously transmit the humidity, temperature, light intensity and other values ​​of the day to the platform, gather data of different dimensions, and build a chicken file to form a traceable QR code.

Guo Song, technical director of Paoshan Chicken Breeding Base in Tianzhu County, Guizhou: “The platform records where it came from, how much it exercises, how much it eats every day, and how much it is worth now. One is traceability (function), and the other is Assets are evaluated, and some financing can be done based on the total value of a flock of chickens or a whole batch of chickens.”

At present, in the first phase of the project of this breeding base, a total of 50,000 chickens will be equipped with foot rings. Ankle rings and a complete Internet of Things system, through advanced digital technology, have opened up the entire chain of production, sales, service and financial enterprises, enabling the transformation and upgrading of the industry and injecting strong impetus into rural revitalization.

Li Bochao, deputy director of the Tianzhu County Party Committee Office in Guizhou (temporary position): “In addition to the data on the whole life cycle of running pheasants, our platform also collects market sales data. You can give us feedback on the types of chickens you like in different regions and guide us. Breed according to customer preferences. Let big data empower farming, make farming intelligent and high-quality, and truly realize the production of Guizhou products.”

Now, like pheasant farming, there are still many industries that use digital technology to integrate with the real economy to achieve intelligent industrial development and transformation. The development of digital technology is also changing with each passing day, constantly facing new challenges, and constantly making new breakthroughs and overcoming new difficulties.

Qi Xiangdong, vice chairman of the All-China Federation of Industry and Commerce: “After the 20th National Congress, we have launched a new round of digital technological transformation and digital economic development. There has also been a very good trend in the development of the digital economy. Using digital to install new ones on the traditional economy. engine.”

The future development of digital technology still requires the joint efforts of all parties in society. The Expo is to build a bridge of communication and mutual promotion for the exploration and development of new formats in the era of digital economy.

The digital economy is continuously promoting the upgrading of various aspects such as industrial production, social governance, rural revitalization, and transportation. According to the “Digital China Development Report (2022)” recently released by the State Internet Information Office, the scale of my country’s big data industry will reach 1.57 trillion yuan in 2022, an increase of 18% year-on-year, and it will become an important force to promote the development of the digital economy. Data creates value, and innovation drives the future. Only by continuously promoting the deep integration of the digital economy and the real economy can we inject more new momentum into high-quality development.

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