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Focusing on expanding international education business, China Hi-Tech achieved operating income of 59.53 million yuan in the first half of the year

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China Fortune Net News on the evening of August 30, China Hi-Tech (600730.SH) released its 2022 semi-annual report. In the first half of the year, it achieved an operating income of 59.5349 million yuan and a net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company of 5.7752 million yuan.

During the reporting period, the main businesses of China Hi-Tech include education and real estate operation. The businesses carried out in the education business include online vocational education business in the medical field, higher education industry-education integration business and international education business.

Specifically, China’s high-tech education sector achieved operating income of 42.9544 million yuan, accounting for 72.15% of the company’s total operating income. Among them, the online education business in the medical field achieved income of 37.9017 million yuan, the industry-education integration business achieved income of 4.2231 million yuan, and the international education business launched in May this year achieved income of 829,600 yuan.

The income of China Hi-Tech’s real estate operation segment was stable, with an operating income of 16.5046 million yuan in the first half of the year. Overall, China Hi-Tech’s semi-annual operating income in 2022 will continue to rise, its comprehensive strength will increase steadily, and its fundamentals will continue to be good.

As a listed company focusing on the education field, China Hi-Tech has actively expanded its main business in multiple dimensions. In terms of in-depth business development, China Hi-Tech has continued to develop its original vocational education business in the medical field and the integration of industry and education in higher education, focusing on improving the market competitiveness and market share of related businesses.

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In terms of vocational education business in the medical field, Intium Education, a subsidiary of China Hi-Tech Holdings, mainly operates vocational examination training business in the field of medical education, supplemented by intelligent popular science education on first aid skills and innovative training products for vocational qualification examination in extended categories. Inther Education is in an industry-leading position in the field of medical professional online education, especially in the segmented market of medical middle and senior professional title training, with a relatively high market share and strong market competitiveness. The core product “Exam Book” is a medical education and learning cloud platform for C-end individual users. In the first half of 2022, Inther Education will continue to deepen the value enhancement of the core product Test Book, driven by big data technology and empowered by AI technology. Optimize training, courses, question banks and other businesses, accurately locate user learning behavior, and optimize customized learning to the greatest extent. At the same time, dig deep into the upstream and downstream expansion of existing products, build a product matrix through four dimensions of aggregation technology strength, teaching and research depth, teaching height, and intelligent auxiliary learning, output high-quality teaching resources, and try to expand all categories of vocational qualification examination services. In addition, Inther Education actively explores the steady development of health education cloud business, emergency science education business, and other innovative businesses.

In terms of the integration of production and education in higher education, the company deeply integrates industry technical resources, builds a talent training bridge from universities to enterprises, provides high-quality teaching resources and teaching services for higher education and vocational education institutions, and has cooperated with dozens of colleges and universities. Carry out in-depth cooperation in the integration of production and education in the form of industrial college co-construction, professional co-construction, empowerment and training, etc. The level of cooperative colleges covers double-first-class colleges and universities, double-million colleges, applied undergraduate colleges, and higher vocational colleges, and cooperative colleges and universities. The educational level covers master’s, undergraduate and junior colleges.

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In terms of business expansion, based on the original vocational education layout, China Hi-Tech will continue to actively try to develop new businesses and innovate the new international education track. In the 2022 semi-annual report, China Hi-Tech disclosed the progress of its international education business for the first time. With its advantages in educational resources, since May 2022, it has started its international education business through its subsidiary Hi-Tech Education Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd. The high-end international education service platform. This business is still in the early stage of development, but it has also laid a solid foundation for China Hi-Tech to occupy the commanding heights of high-end talent training. The future growth and contribution are worth looking forward to, and it is expected to become a new performance growth pole.

The “Important Events” section of China Hi-Tech’s 2022 semi-annual report discloses the details of the restructuring of its controlling shareholder, Founder Group. After the implementation of Founder Group’s reorganization plan, Founder International Education Consulting Co., Ltd. will become the controlling shareholder of China Hi-Tech, and China Ping An will indirectly control China Hi-Tech. China Hi-Tech also pointed out in its regular reports that with the coordination of the founder group’s reorganization investors, it will focus on exploring new patterns in new industries, new business development, and asset optimization.

In the future, China Hi-Tech will continue to consolidate its existing education business, focus on expanding its international education business, steadily operate its traditional property leasing business, and continuously improve its core competitiveness and profitability. (Zhang Xiao)

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