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Fondirigenti, off the 1.5 million tender to support the relaunch of businesses

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«U n training to support industrial policies. Today we start from four key sectors of “made in”: automotive, fashion accessories, wood furniture, tourism, which more than others need to strengthen to consolidate the restart. We allocate € 1.5 million to facilitate the technological and organizational “reorientation” processes, and thus allow companies to achieve an important competitive advantage and their managers the development of fundamental skills to face the challenges of the great transitions underway ” . This is how, at his first interview, the new CEO of Fondirigenti, Massimo Sabatini, former CEO of the Agency for Territorial Cohesion, and a near past as director of the Regional Policies and Territorial Cohesion area and of the Mezzogiorno Area of ​​Confindustria, introduces himself. This morning, in fact, the new Notice (the second of 2021) of Fondirigenti, the largest interprofessional fund for the training of managers, promoted by Confindustria and Federmanager, with 14 thousand member companies and 80 thousand managers, with two new “weight” is published. The first, a more structured training by productive sectors. The second, the promotion of “aggregate initiatives”, that is to say with the involvement of several companies in the same sector with common needs for the development of managerial skills.

Director, you address four sectors of made in Italy. Because?

We have decided to start with the made in Italy companies that operate in the automotive, fashion and accessories, wood and furniture, tourism sectors, because these are macro-sectors where specific issues to be addressed in the restart have been identified, linked to the dimensional issue, to the supply of human capital, the ongoing strategic choices on sustainability and digitalization, the constraints imposed by the Covid legislation. Sectors that we want to accompany in their entirety: also for this reason, all companies in the supply chain will be able to participate in the Notice, including those engaged in recycling activities for each of these sectors. The initiative was preceded by an extensive listening and sharing phase with associations and stakeholders. There is a strong demand for quality training: the first 2021 Notice saw an increase in funds due to the high number of positively evaluated applications, to date we have committed about 7 million.

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What are the training areas of the new Notice?

There are five. They range from the 4.0 transition, which encourages digitization processes, to environmental sustainability, with a strong emphasis on the circular economy; from agile work and managerial skills that are needed to manage this “new normal” to the reorganization of the supply chain. The last area of ​​intervention concerns innovative finance and the methods of accessing public funding, areas that are extremely current and in need of adequate skills, also considering the NRP.

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